Grilling Cheesy

What is that wonderful buttery smell drifting in the Autumns cool air?

Look here! Is that a grilled cheese sandwich truck rolling my way? Oh I must go see what delicious warm cheesy goodness is soon to be created for me.

Inside I find the sole proprietor moving about with quickness and ease as she sets on the stove her pans for grilling of cheese. She tells me her name is Eedee. That’s right folks, an emphasis on the E’s. Eedee who loves to be grilling of cheese.

I ask her if she has a special cheese she likes to use. She tells me she uses them all, but for her grilled cheddars, English Farmhouse cheddars are a big request. They have an off-white color not looking too gold and a wonderful sharp flavor that tingles your taste buds when the cheddar grabs hold. She asks me if I’d like to try a sample of this cheese. “Oh yes! Could I please!” 

Soon Eedee is cooking up a wonderful delight of English Cheddar on Sourdough, which she has covered with soft, whipped fresh, fluffs of butter. Then she adds some delicious basil and tomatoes that I have requested as a tasty option, from a small menu she has sitting on a shelf. 

She places the sandwich carefully in a preheated pan. I can hear the butter sizzling as it’s glorious aromas reach my nose. The smell is killing me! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this delicious creation that is being served up on a plate. 

Before Eedee hands over this amazing delight she places a couple cherry tomatoes atop a fresh basil leaf that sits just right. “Beautiful!” Is my grand reply.

So when you’re hungry for something grilled, gooey and warm, look for the “Grilling Cheesy” truck. You can’t miss it! It’s has a dancing grilled cheese sandwich named Evie Cheesy (who likes to help Eedee in the kitchen) dancing on the hood. And trust me you won’t be sorry because everything Eedee makes taste so good!

Autumn's Dance

The last breath of Summer’s warmth has gone and Autumn’s cool fingers have clasped themselves around the earth’s trees and vegetation, gently shaking them from their summer slumber.

  “Wake up! Wake up! Come dance with me!” Cries out the voice of Autumn. “Let down your colorful leaves of red, brown, yellow and gold; come dance with me to an ancient song of old. A match made in heaven. We’ll whirl and twirl, spinning round with such delight. We’ll dance through the day and into the night. Your branches will sway, your tender stalks bend, as my hands hold you tight, how we hope this dance will not end. Then as the dawn peeks her soft lavender smile, over the earth’s cooling crust, I will let go of you to rest, if I must...if I must.” 

Yes, Autumn is here...give care to all the beautiful trees, flowers and plants...Autumn is here and ready to dance!

Get yourself a warm beverage, a seat by the cozy fire and while you enjoy the show have a piece of pumpkin spice cake if you desire.

Happy Autumn to you all, I hope you dance till you Fall….


September is here!

She has arrived on the soft breezes of summer and is ready to take you into new beginnings. 

This is the season of growth! Learning new and exciting things that challenge your mind. Yes, the start of the school year comes this time of year, causing lots of different emotions for everyone. Watching your young child take their first step into preschool or seeing your young adult wave goodbye as they head off to college. These are the bittersweet moments that warm our hearts and fill our eyes with tears at the same time.

Then there’s the summer’s plantings which have come to fruition! Apples, sunflowers, pumpkins and more, just waiting for harvesting and being delivered to your door!

I have always seen September like an early new year, because so much change takes place during this month. Yes, it may be the last month of the summer, but it’s the beginning in so many ways. 

So however you find this month of September fitting into your calendar of plans, I hope for you many new beginnings and beautiful tall sunflowers at every September corner you turn….

C.C. and J.E. Trailer

Another wonderful day at the beach has started to come to a dip your toes into the warm, soft sand and capture the last rays of the sun, as it turns the Eastern skies from aqua blue to peachy pinks. 

Parked under these colorful Eastern skies you will find the trailer of C.C. and J.E. This is their paradise! They spend many days walking the balmy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and gathering up beautiful seashells. Sometimes C.C. will scan the sands with his trusty metal detector hoping to find a lost treasure buried deep beneath his feet. Other days you’ll see C.C. casting out his fishing line and singing a fun song to waters of the sea… “Oh Sea, beautiful Sea! Please bring me a fish that is bigger than me!”

J.E. will stop along her walks and talk with the people passing by; she can be heard giving them directions to a local eatery, seashop, festivity or just plain enjoying a chat. J.E. always carries a small sand pail filled with treats for the waterfowl that fly overhead, sit in the sand or waddle along beside her, with hopes of one more treat. After J.E. has emptied her sand pail of treats, she will search the beach for seashells, then return home to create a seashell sensation! If you look close you will see one of her creations hanging on the trailer door. Also, you’ll notice in the trailer window, two little creatures she found and brought home...the pups name is Scotty and the kitten is Petunia. 

C.C. and J.E. have made this sandy retreat their home. Everyday is a wonder and everynight a marvel! How could it be anything but, with sea turtles, starfish, seals, dolphins, whales and more, as your friendly neighbors of the shore. And the stars that stretch a million miles out into the midnight blue skies, sparkling like diamonds tossed out for you to sweep up in your hands.

Yes, every moment of their day is spent enjoying the Atlantic Ocean and it’s soft Southern breezes. What could be any better for these two sand souls?


Ahhh August! I love August!

Happy birthday August babies! How fortunate you are to be celebrating your birth month during such a glorious and beautiful time of year. The sun is shining so brightly and the time to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature is here.

There are camping trips to the mountains, countryside and most of all the amazing beaches! There you’ll find so many wonders and things to do. I love to build sandcastles, walk the shore hunting for seashells, drawing in the sand, and to write notes of love that wash away with each gentle sweep of the oceans waves.

Yes, August is a wonderful time of year for so many outside activities. Get together with friends and loved ones under the warm August night skies and watch a spectacular meteor shower. The Perseids meteor shower is supposed to peak on August 12th and 13th this year with up to 20 meteors an hour, but if you are busy on these days, you can still witness the meteor shower until the last week of August. That’s right! August will send you a falling star to wish upon all month long. So get out there and enjoy this beautiful time of year. While your at it, eat some cake too!

The August cake is made of lemon poppy seed batter with raspberry filling and a rich buttercream fondant. I call this fun cake “A Day At The Beach!” 

Have a wonderful August!

Stars and Stripes

Look at all the beautiful summer fireworks blasting off into the sky! What can be more fun than celebrating and gathering with family and friends during the summer season.

Parked near this beautiful celebration is a little trailer known as “Stars and Stripes,” she can be found following the festive fun of July’s happy moments that are busy making memories for all who are partaking in these gatherings of fabulous barbequed foods, delicious salads of fruits, potatoes and deep gorgeous greens! Desserts! Oh, one can not forget all the marvelous desserts! Pies to fill your eyes and  yummy cakes to tempt your already too full tummy. Ice Cream! Creamy delicious ice creams served on pies, or with cakes, or just plain heaped into a large waffle cone or waffle bowl...whatever be your fancy.

Then after all the fun activities have come to a quiet whisper...time to sit around the campfire and reminisce about the past. Talk about the daily life and speak of our future plans to come.

Oh the joy of finding time to be with our friends and family is what this life is all it, you love them dearly or just love them fearly. We all need that time to connect and share in the summers fun, happiness and photos. Creating more memories to continually share with the future generations to come. 

So this little trailer I call “Stars and Stripes” is dedicated to all the people who give of their homes, spaces, yards and happy places, so that these days of reunion can be enjoyed and chrished for many more years. God Bless You, God Bless America, and God Bless our Amazing Planet too. May she give us many more days of beautiful joy….

Lopsie Liberty

Lopsie Liberty Bunny is all dressed up for a fabulous Fourth of July. She has come out with her family to enjoy the celebration, but she’s feeling a little frightened of all the loud noises and bright fireworks in the sky. She is wondering how long will this last and will she ever be able to get the ringing in her ears to stop! 

Her family even brought along some wonderful “Cherries and Berries Pie” to enjoy, but she is just too nervous to eat any.

Mother Liberty has noticed that Lopsie is feeling worried and doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself. So, she goes to the Bunny Mobile and looks for Lopsies favorite red blanket. Oh thank goodness she has found it! Mother carries the crimson red blanket over to where Lopsie is sitting and places it gently on the ground...soon Lopsie is feeling better knowing that she is not alone. Now she has the comfort of her blanket under her and mother nearby. Soon the fireworks come to an end and Lopsie finds time to have some pie. 

Later on her way home in the Bunny Mobile she thinks about the scary fireworks and realizes they weren’t so scary after all...maybe next time she’ll feel a bit braver as she watches the beautiful colors fly loudly into the sky. But, until then she’ll just have another piece of pie….

Remember as you enjoy your colorful celebration this year, there may be someone special like Lopsie who isn’t having as much fun as you. So if you can, please only spend the evening of the Fourth celebrating and try to keep the rest of July, fireworks free and safe.

Happy Fourth of July!


Uncle Sam wants you to have a Happy July!

Be it a birthday, Fourth of July celebration, or some of my favorite silly celebrations for the summer season like, National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day! What could be more fun than having an ice cream social where there are tons of new and exciting ice creams to try. Do any ideas come to mind? 

I think I’d like to create a Chocolate, Banana, Butterscotch, Marshmallow, Cherry and Chili Pepper ice cream, sprinkled with a touch of Sea Salt on top, then call it the Sweet and Spicy Split!

Another fun celebration to enjoy is World UFO Day! What fun that is...and with the two holidays right next to each other you could spend the third day inviting over a few of your alien friends for another ice cream social and call it an “Ice Scream Social!” Maybe even go on some spaceship/UFO rides.

However you find yourself enjoying your July, I hope it’s with plenty of Stars and Stripes on top!

Oh! And by the way, the July cake is a Strawberry, Old Fashioned Vanilla, and Wild Blueberry ice cream eat it fast!