Grilling Cheesy

What is that wonderful buttery smell drifting in the Autumns cool air?

Look here! Is that a grilled cheese sandwich truck rolling my way? Oh I must go see what delicious warm cheesy goodness is soon to be created for me.

Inside I find the sole proprietor moving about with quickness and ease as she sets on the stove her pans for grilling of cheese. She tells me her name is Eedee. That’s right folks, an emphasis on the E’s. Eedee who loves to be grilling of cheese.

I ask her if she has a special cheese she likes to use. She tells me she uses them all, but for her grilled cheddars, English Farmhouse cheddars are a big request. They have an off-white color not looking too gold and a wonderful sharp flavor that tingles your taste buds when the cheddar grabs hold. She asks me if I’d like to try a sample of this cheese. “Oh yes! Could I please!” 

Soon Eedee is cooking up a wonderful delight of English Cheddar on Sourdough, which she has covered with soft, whipped fresh, fluffs of butter. Then she adds some delicious basil and tomatoes that I have requested as a tasty option, from a small menu she has sitting on a shelf. 

She places the sandwich carefully in a preheated pan. I can hear the butter sizzling as it’s glorious aromas reach my nose. The smell is killing me! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this delicious creation that is being served up on a plate. 

Before Eedee hands over this amazing delight she places a couple cherry tomatoes atop a fresh basil leaf that sits just right. “Beautiful!” Is my grand reply.

So when you’re hungry for something grilled, gooey and warm, look for the “Grilling Cheesy” truck. You can’t miss it! It’s has a dancing grilled cheese sandwich named Evie Cheesy (who likes to help Eedee in the kitchen) dancing on the hood. And trust me you won’t be sorry because everything Eedee makes taste so good!