Uncle Sam wants you to have a Happy July!

Be it a birthday, Fourth of July celebration, or some of my favorite silly celebrations for the summer season like, National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day! What could be more fun than having an ice cream social where there are tons of new and exciting ice creams to try. Do any ideas come to mind? 

I think I’d like to create a Chocolate, Banana, Butterscotch, Marshmallow, Cherry and Chili Pepper ice cream, sprinkled with a touch of Sea Salt on top, then call it the Sweet and Spicy Split!

Another fun celebration to enjoy is World UFO Day! What fun that is...and with the two holidays right next to each other you could spend the third day inviting over a few of your alien friends for another ice cream social and call it an “Ice Scream Social!” Maybe even go on some spaceship/UFO rides.

However you find yourself enjoying your July, I hope it’s with plenty of Stars and Stripes on top!

Oh! And by the way, the July cake is a Strawberry, Old Fashioned Vanilla, and Wild Blueberry ice cream cake...so eat it fast!