September is here!

She has arrived on the soft breezes of summer and is ready to take you into new beginnings. 

This is the season of growth! Learning new and exciting things that challenge your mind. Yes, the start of the school year comes this time of year, causing lots of different emotions for everyone. Watching your young child take their first step into preschool or seeing your young adult wave goodbye as they head off to college. These are the bittersweet moments that warm our hearts and fill our eyes with tears at the same time.

Then there’s the summer’s plantings which have come to fruition! Apples, sunflowers, pumpkins and more, just waiting for harvesting and being delivered to your door!

I have always seen September like an early new year, because so much change takes place during this month. Yes, it may be the last month of the summer, but it’s the beginning in so many ways. 

So however you find this month of September fitting into your calendar of plans, I hope for you many new beginnings and beautiful tall sunflowers at every September corner you turn….