Stars and Stripes

Look at all the beautiful summer fireworks blasting off into the sky! What can be more fun than celebrating and gathering with family and friends during the summer season.

Parked near this beautiful celebration is a little trailer known as “Stars and Stripes,” she can be found following the festive fun of July’s happy moments that are busy making memories for all who are partaking in these gatherings of fabulous barbequed foods, delicious salads of fruits, potatoes and deep gorgeous greens! Desserts! Oh, one can not forget all the marvelous desserts! Pies to fill your eyes and  yummy cakes to tempt your already too full tummy. Ice Cream! Creamy delicious ice creams served on pies, or with cakes, or just plain heaped into a large waffle cone or waffle bowl...whatever be your fancy.

Then after all the fun activities have come to a quiet whisper...time to sit around the campfire and reminisce about the past. Talk about the daily life and speak of our future plans to come.

Oh the joy of finding time to be with our friends and family is what this life is all it, you love them dearly or just love them fearly. We all need that time to connect and share in the summers fun, happiness and photos. Creating more memories to continually share with the future generations to come. 

So this little trailer I call “Stars and Stripes” is dedicated to all the people who give of their homes, spaces, yards and happy places, so that these days of reunion can be enjoyed and chrished for many more years. God Bless You, God Bless America, and God Bless our Amazing Planet too. May she give us many more days of beautiful joy….