Autumn's Dance

The last breath of Summer’s warmth has gone and Autumn’s cool fingers have clasped themselves around the earth’s trees and vegetation, gently shaking them from their summer slumber.

  “Wake up! Wake up! Come dance with me!” Cries out the voice of Autumn. “Let down your colorful leaves of red, brown, yellow and gold; come dance with me to an ancient song of old. A match made in heaven. We’ll whirl and twirl, spinning round with such delight. We’ll dance through the day and into the night. Your branches will sway, your tender stalks bend, as my hands hold you tight, how we hope this dance will not end. Then as the dawn peeks her soft lavender smile, over the earth’s cooling crust, I will let go of you to rest, if I must...if I must.” 

Yes, Autumn is here...give care to all the beautiful trees, flowers and plants...Autumn is here and ready to dance!

Get yourself a warm beverage, a seat by the cozy fire and while you enjoy the show have a piece of pumpkin spice cake if you desire.

Happy Autumn to you all, I hope you dance till you Fall….