A little bit about me

  As a child I often found myself taking in all the beauty and wonders of the world. I was excited at the idea that I could place images on paper and keep a little of this worlds color on pages for myself, with my own interpretation. To this day I still find myself lost in the wonders of the world and all the beautiful stories, colors, and images. I am thankful for this gift and the joy of being able to share it with others.

  I use a cheerful whimsy in the illustrations of my art. Sometimes there can be a realistic view or a playful interpretation. I don’t often find myself placed in one category. I like to illustrate whatever the moment brings to me. I have worked with many mediums; pencil, oil, acrylic, ink, watercolor, and batiking (dyeing of cloth), all of which I enjoy. But I often find myself journeying back to ink, pencil, and watercolor.

  My inspiration comes from many people. My father who painted stories with his amazing singing voice and guitar. My mother who has encouraged me to share my art (always having me paint the living room window with holiday scenes).

  My grandfather (Joe Duncan) who was an artist and sign painter of Great Falls Montana. I would visit his paint shop with great enthusiasm, noting all the details of his work. He painted as if his hands had the fluid motion of air flowing through them. Everything seemed effortless. I can still smell the paint and linseed oils when I think of him.

  At the age of five, I was introduced to the works of Robert Bright, the writer and illustrator of Georgie, a story about a little ghost. I loved the fun quality of the drawings and cute characters that Mr. Bright created. 

  Tasha Tudor found the colorful creative interpretation in my heart. She inspired the realistic but simple side of some of my works. She is known for many children’s books such as; a Time to Keep, Corgiville Fair, 1 is One, The Dolls Christmas and so much more.

  I have also admired  Georgia O’Keeffe’s work. The colors, depth, flow, and beauty of her paintings are an inspiration to my love of nature, a quality you may find influenced in my work at times.

  It is my hope that you enjoy my work and are inspired to share its joy and beauty with others for many years.

Tina Kay