Ahhh August! I love August!

Happy birthday August babies! How fortunate you are to be celebrating your birth month during such a glorious and beautiful time of year. The sun is shining so brightly and the time to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature is here.

There are camping trips to the mountains, countryside and most of all the amazing beaches! There you’ll find so many wonders and things to do. I love to build sandcastles, walk the shore hunting for seashells, drawing in the sand, and to write notes of love that wash away with each gentle sweep of the oceans waves.

Yes, August is a wonderful time of year for so many outside activities. Get together with friends and loved ones under the warm August night skies and watch a spectacular meteor shower. The Perseids meteor shower is supposed to peak on August 12th and 13th this year with up to 20 meteors an hour, but if you are busy on these days, you can still witness the meteor shower until the last week of August. That’s right! August will send you a falling star to wish upon all month long. So get out there and enjoy this beautiful time of year. While your at it, eat some cake too!

The August cake is made of lemon poppy seed batter with raspberry filling and a rich buttercream fondant. I call this fun cake “A Day At The Beach!” 

Have a wonderful August!