C.C. and J.E. Trailer

Another wonderful day at the beach has started to come to a close...so dip your toes into the warm, soft sand and capture the last rays of the sun, as it turns the Eastern skies from aqua blue to peachy pinks. 

Parked under these colorful Eastern skies you will find the trailer of C.C. and J.E. This is their paradise! They spend many days walking the balmy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and gathering up beautiful seashells. Sometimes C.C. will scan the sands with his trusty metal detector hoping to find a lost treasure buried deep beneath his feet. Other days you’ll see C.C. casting out his fishing line and singing a fun song to waters of the sea… “Oh Sea, beautiful Sea! Please bring me a fish that is bigger than me!”

J.E. will stop along her walks and talk with the people passing by; she can be heard giving them directions to a local eatery, seashop, festivity or just plain enjoying a chat. J.E. always carries a small sand pail filled with treats for the waterfowl that fly overhead, sit in the sand or waddle along beside her, with hopes of one more treat. After J.E. has emptied her sand pail of treats, she will search the beach for seashells, then return home to create a seashell sensation! If you look close you will see one of her creations hanging on the trailer door. Also, you’ll notice in the trailer window, two little creatures she found and brought home...the pups name is Scotty and the kitten is Petunia. 

C.C. and J.E. have made this sandy retreat their home. Everyday is a wonder and everynight a marvel! How could it be anything but, with sea turtles, starfish, seals, dolphins, whales and more, as your friendly neighbors of the shore. And the stars that stretch a million miles out into the midnight blue skies, sparkling like diamonds tossed out for you to sweep up in your hands.

Yes, every moment of their day is spent enjoying the Atlantic Ocean and it’s soft Southern breezes. What could be any better for these two sand souls?