Santa Snow

It won’t be a blue, blue Christmas...sings Santa Snow.

Silly Santa Snow loves to sing his own renditions of Elvis’ Christmas songs as he goes about his Christmas deliveries for Saint Nick, in the cold Northern areas of the world. Santa Snow truly believes his voice sounds just like the King’s voice. Everyone who hears his songs just smiles at his storming confidence and sweet joy filled heart, encouraging his tunes, even if they are a little off key.

Santa Snow is one of the most productive Snow Souls I know. Not only does he work ever so hard to ensure that all of Saint Nicks Northern deliveries are completed, but he’ll also find a way to put other Snow Souls who may be in need of a job, to work. He’s diligent in making sure they’ll have all the proper training, tools and attire, to do their jobs of helping with Saint Nicks greatest task...World Gift Delivery. If they’re in need of a warm scarf, fuzzy mittens or tip top hat, Santa Snow is always prepared with whatever item they might request, this way, they too can help in making the season merry and bright.

Sometimes Santa Snow is a little late at some of his task, folks say he’s a procrastinator. But the truth be known, Santa Snow loves Christmas cookies and hot cocoa. So please understand if he’s running a little late, it’s because he’s enjoying a yummy, sugary treat at one of the homes he’s delivering to. Have no fear...he’ll make it on time!

So if you’re out and about on a beautiful snowy Christmas Eve and you happen hear a loud, but glorious Elvis Christmas song, being bellowed about your ears, followed by the sweet, sugary, vanilla smell of Christmas cookies and cocoa, you can bet your Christmas stocking it’s Santa Snow! And remember, if you want to find yourself busy helping with the seasons blissful deliveries, let Santa Snow know...he has a pair of mittens that will fit you perfectly….

This one’s for all you Elvis fans out there…. click here!

Merry Christmas!

Mistletoe Fairies

Do you hear that? The soft fluttering of Christmas Fairy wings. Oh look! It’s Loveable Lilly and Joyful Jo!

What are those two cute little fairies up to? I see red satin ribbons, a shiny red heart ornament and what’s that? Mistletoe!

It seems these two little Christmas Fairies have been given the task of hanging the Mistletoe for Santa. See how they take such great care in placing the beautiful ornament with its greenery in the perfect place. They have found a small doorway near the dining area, they know this will be a busy spot to capture the many hungry folks, who’ll unknowingly pass through the doorway and  find themselves being kissed.

After they have done their ever so important task, they will hide away and watch the fun begin.

These two little fairies not only do special jobs for Santa, they also help take care of his winter forest, assisting some of the other winter forest fairies.  They’ll watch over every plant, big and small, making sure that each plant is healthy and happy...they know that Santa’s winter forest needs to be given all the love and joy possible, especially the Mistletoe, Holly, and Christmas trees that grow there.

Sometimes Santa will come into the forest and visit with them. He enjoys the fresh air and lush green beauty that his forest brings to all who visit. Santa says, “There’s nothing like tending to nature!” Loveable Lilly and Joyful Jo love it when Santa shares in this task, because he always brings Christmas cookies to nibble, hot cocoa to warm your tummy and peppermint sticks for stirring into the cocoa. Spending time with Santa is the best!

So the next time you find yourself standing under the Mistletoe and someone gives you a big kiss, making you blush a wonderful Christmas crimson; know that two little loveable Christmas Fairies are giggling joyfully at your happy Christmas circumstance….

Robin's Christmas Trailer

Oh what fun it is to see, what Robin’s trailer has inside!

There are people who love Christmas and then there are people who just carry Christmas in their soul all year round...having such enormous hearts filled with love and giving, that it’s contagious when you’re in their presence.

Robin is such person…inside this small joyfilled trailer you will encounter the deliciousness of Christmas treats wafting out onto the air. Spices of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, orange and even a touch of seasonal mints, all circle about your nose, making your mouth water. While soft melodies of holiday songs land upon your ears, lifting you into the seasons happy celebration. Candles brightly shimmer in this space of giving, capturing in their light, the already wrapped packages with their colorful pagentery, stacked and scattered all around.

As her treats bake in the tiny oven, Robin continues to carefully wrap each and every gift that she has handpicked for the many unexpecting recipients. Soon these gifts will be sent out in the mail or hidden under someone’s tree. She has bags overloaded with the giving of love, joy, happiness and special thought...why I myself received some beautiful drawing supplies from her.

Outside she has decorated her trailer with the warmth of Christmas lights, Poinsettias, and a beautiful, fragrant, Rose and Cedar wreath. Standing behind her trailer is a merry snowman named Timothy Snow. He has picked up some of the packages; Timothy is always happy to be of help with delivering some of the gifts for Robin. If you ask me, I think he’s kind of sweet on her...but don’t tell anyone I told you that!

Well would you look there! An adorable little bird has landed on Timothy’s mitten. It seems to be singing along to the holiday songs that are whispering about her Christmas trailer.

Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, thanks to Robin’s heart for the season and her hopes for a year filled with peace, joy and most of all, the many gifts of love…may we all be blessed with a Robin in our lives….

Rozzi Snow

Swish. Swish. Swish….

Here comes Rozzi Snow! Look at her go, all buckled up, on her cross country skis. In her pocket I spy three small tufts of yarn...Lovely Lavender, Cornflower Blue and a Rosy Rozzi Red. She must be on her way to the yarn store to pick up the many more skeins of yarn she’ll be needing to complete her happy knitting task.  

Christmas is a busy time of year for her. Snow Souls from all over the wintry planet are ordering “Snow Snug-lies.” I myself am looking forward to receiving one of these wonderful Snug-lies as a gift. I sure hope she’ll have one more “Heart Full” hat available. It’s similar to the one she’s wearing. Isn’t her hat absolutely adorable!!! She is so talented with her knitting needles; she can be found year round creating her winter wear...even in July! Me oh my, a Snow Soul knitting in July!

I see Rozzi is also wearing her Rosy Rozzi Red scarf and mittens. She is so very snow, snugly, fashionable. Now you see why she’s always busy with her Snow Soul’s orders. When she’s out and about wearing her winter creations, being noticed by the stylish of Souls, they can’t help but want to look just as marvelous.

Yes, during the snowy holidays Rozzi pulls out her cross country skis so that she can speed up her pace of travel in the snow covered village of Snow-Blossom. She hasn’t a moment to waste! And her wooden skis are her best mode of transportation, they help Rozzi to bobble and squeak her way in and out of all the busy Christmas shoppers; while having her decorative candy cane ski poles in hand she’s sure to get to her destination with time to spare.

So the next time the snow is falling and you hear a wonderful swishing sound, look may just be the warm-hearted Snow Soul, Rozzi Snow. Stop and say hello...while you’re at it put in an order for some beautiful winter wear creations and tell her Tina said thank you for making the world look Snow Beautifully Awesome!

P.S. If you’d like to check out some of Rozzi’s creations, I have provided the link to her website. Now you too can be a Snugly Fashionable Snow Soul! Have a wonderful time shopping.

Shai Snow....

Shai Snow is making his Hanukkah rounds, bringing gifts to all who are lighting the Menorah and spending time with loved ones, while celebrating this season of lights and miracles.  

Shai carries on one arm and mitten, beautiful, brightly wrapped gifts of blues, silvers and golds. Look how they sparkle in the light of the Menorah. In the other mitten he carries a golden dreidel. With each rotation of this small shiny top, Shai fills the air with a delightful warmth and cheer. All who place their hands into a game of dreidel will find themselves captured up by enormous amounts of fun, and of course the reward of chocolate coins called Gelt. Some people like to use nuts and other tokens for a reward, but chocolate coins are Shai’s favorite of the rewards to win from the pot. After winning his share of the game, he will put the coins in his pocket...where he never has to worry about them melting. Later while visiting with others celebrating Hanukkah, he will take out his coins and share them into the next  game’s pot.

One of Shai’s greatest joys during his visits, is to wander into the kitchen of a home celebrating and find himself a yummy potato Latke (potato pancake) that he will smother with warm, sweet, cinnamon applesauce and a spoonful of sour cream. Sometimes, before he leaves to make his next delivery, a sweet soul will hand him a small napkin with a Sufganiyot (jelly filled donut) wrapped up inside. These little, delicious delights will be a blessing to his spirit and tummy as he continues on his long eight day journey.

Shai and I want to wish you all a Happy Hanukkah! May the miracle of light fill your homes and hearts all the year through. Also, if you happen to see Shai, (pronounced like shy) say hello for me. Shalom….


Oh how can it already be the beginning of the end of this year?

December has come and we’re all in a festive mood. Enjoying the holiday seasons colorful decorations, music, sweet treats and spirit.

But what about those December Babies? Yes their special day can get lost in all of the seasons overwhelming joy.

So for all of you December Babies, I have made a cake of candy and ginger. It’s filled with all the sweetness and warmth that we’ll find in a December Babies heart.

I would suppose that having your birthday month in December might be pretty wonderful too? All the extra love, gifts, decorations, parties and having Santa around, well that has to be a plus! I’m sure that he’ll give you some special attention, because Santa knows it’s your special month...the jolly old elf knows everything...right?!

So as we begin the start to this festive season, may we all remember to pause, breath, enjoy the beauty of the season, share a loving kindness with our family, friends and neighbors. And be sure to bake a yummy ginger cake, decorated with vanilla-rum icing, colorful candies and served with lots of love, just for our December Babies.


We Thank Thee

For flowers that bloom about our feet,
Father we thank Thee.

For tender grass so fresh, so sweet,
Father we thank Thee.

For song of bird and hum of bee,
For all things fair we hear and see,
Father we thank Thee.

For blue of stream and blue of sky,
Father we thank Thee.

For pleasant shade of branches high,
Father we thank Thee.

For fragrant air and cooling breeze,
For beauty of the blooming trees,
Father we thank Thee.

For this new morning with its light,
Father we thank Thee.

For rest of shelter of the night,
Father we thank Thee.

For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ (1803 - 1882)

Stephen Snow

Do you know any wonderful characters who are always busy working to heal the planet? Well I do.  His name is Stephen Snow. Stephen is so very busy with saving the planet that he rarely takes a moment for himself to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

Some days you’ll find Stephen in negotiations with the top Snow Flurries of our time. They’ll be busy discussing and working together on how to make positive changes with our worlds way of doing things. One of their main topics is turning down the world’s temperature. Stephen and the Snow Flurries work diligently, hoping to come up with new ideas that will improve our planet’s environment. If there’s one thing that Stephen is concerned about, it’s “Global Warming!” He knows that there is too much at stake. So taking a time out just isn’t on his agenda.

He is saddened by seeing animals and humans losing their habitats. Waters being polluted. Forest being caught up in wildfires.  Why, just last week he was busy helping to put out fires in the Pacific Northwest. So many issues to deal with, world worries and concerns… not to mention his own melting away!

But thanks to Stephen’s compassion for the planet we have hope! Yes, Stephen is a Snow Superhero! His Superhero gifts are not found in a cape though. His gifts have been placed in his heart and mind.  Placed on Stephen’s head you will find his tall thinking cap. When he has on his tall thinking cap he’s unstoppable!

Even though he’s made of the Great Northern snows, his heart is filled with tremendous warmth for this planet’s well being and all who inhabit it. Stephen is happy to share his gifts of knowledge with others too. Even though he has the busiest of schedules, you’ll find him teaching new found Snowlings all about the importance of how to keep and heal the planet.

Stephen also enjoys working with his friend Forest Snow, planting’ll meet Forest in another story. Together they can cover a lot of territory. After they’ve finished planting hundreds of new saplings (young trees). Stephen will reach under his tall thinking cap and retrieve a tiny double hearted ornament to hang on the freshly planted sapling.  The double hearts are a sign of Stephen’s extra love for the forest. In placing the ornament on the sapling, he is hopeful it will remind people to be careful of its tender state, while also reminding them that we are all responsible in the care and heart of our planet.

It is Stephen’s hope that we will all unite in our love for this planet, helping it to heal and continue on for many more snow days to come.



Pumpkin and Pies

Sometimes beautiful gifts come into our lives when we least expect them. One of my gifts has the name Little J...and I’m most certainly sure that the J stands for Joy! Since Little J came into my life, I’ve known nothing but joy and blessings from her existence. Little J is always finding ways to make a persons heart feel light and love. When seeing a lost sad soul, she’s there to hold their hand and lend an ear to hear what the trouble may be. Yes, she’s heaven sent. An absolute angel. After she has blessed you with her tender words and smile, you’ll know you’ve been in the presence of an earthly angel...even if she has tucked her wings out of sight.

Not only does she bring joy to ones soul, she brings joy to your tummy too!  In the mornings you will hear her busy scampering about the kitchen preparing tasty treats for all who have the opportunity to be in her company. She is a wonder at preparing delicious dishes such as, avocado toast and sandwiches of your choosing. When it comes to a beverage, hot or cold, she’s your girl!

Here you see her Pumpkin and Pies treat trailer. Inside you will find Little J busy creating sweet yummy delights and warm autumn drinks for anyone in need of something tasty for their tummy. There’s apple pie, cherry, chocolate cream, pumpkin, berry and her specialty tayberry pie. Her apple tayberry spiced cider...well, all I can say is she must have learned the recipe in heaven when she was there visiting the other angels, because it’s absolutely heavenly!

If you’ve ever heard of someone having a “Servant’s Heart,” Little J is the perfect example of the meaning. So, when you’re out and about on your travels during this festive season and you happen to come upon this little trailer filled with joy, pies and blessings...make note, a real “Sweetie Pie” is about to warm your autumn day with incredible joy.

Oh! I almost forgot...make sure to wish Little J a “Happy Birthday.” Because she’s a “November Baby,” a true “Sweetie Pie.” Well now, that explains everything!


Look at those delicious yummy pies! Baked fresh for all the November Birthday Babies. Cherry, apple and berry! Oh what a wonderful smell drifting from their warm fruit filled centers. They’re just waiting for someone to dish them up in celebration of this months Birthday Baby.

November is also the month of being thankful for so many blessings. First of all the blessing of birthdays and pie! And of course family, friends, health, country, comforts of home, and the bountiful harvest that we find in our fields.

Autumn is such an inspiring time of the year. The colors that float down from the trees, the beautiful rolling gold fields that carpet the November lands. The amazing skies that continually change from brilliant to dark smokey shades of blue.

Then there’s the  weather with it’s unpredictable temperatures which makes for lots of excitement.  Cloudy, stormy, windy, hailing, sunny! Watching the leaves dance on the storms breath, whirling and swirling, brilliant with falls color pallet painting a magical ballet before your eyes. Take it all in...soon winter will be here and the golden hues of this season will have passed.   

However you spend this November, may it be surrounded with happiness, a warm beverage, loved ones and pie!

The Boos'

Look! It’s Bubba Boo and Kitty Boo, with Momma and Papa Boo too. They are out Trick-or-Treat haunting through the Six Arms Cemetery. Have you ever seen such spooktacular spirits with so much style?

Momma Boo never leaves the Boo crypt without her red brolly and velvet handbag. Papa Boo can always be seen haunting the poshest of establishments in his brown felt derby hat, and carrying his hand carved cane made from a great oak that is older than him. Yes, it is said his cane was carved from a gnarly tree that was over eight hundred years old. Papa Boo is only one hundred and fifty years old...he’s just a babe in the cemetery.

Hiding behind the magical six armed maple tree is Bubba Boo. He couldn’t wait to go out Trick-or-Treat haunting and get himself a bag filled to the tiptop with boootiful sweets. Do you see him by the tree in his little propeller beanie? He seems to be a little shy tonight.

Oh, and what a night it is! Such an amazing night to go out mousing in the moonlight, at this frightfully fabulous, witching hour. Kitty Boo has joined her family on this boootiful Halloween evening in hopes of capturing some of its excitement.

Sitting on one of Six Arm’s branches, is Kitty’s friend Merlin. He is watching a witch fly by as he waits for Kitty Boo’s arrival. Merlin knows she’ll be out tonight because it’s one of their favorite nights to hunt for little furry mice...they never eat them though, they just catch them and then let them go.

Hope your Halloween is spooktacular and that you might find yourself in the company of an awesome apparition who is to the likes of a Boo.

Starlette and Tuffs

The warm wind howls, the crisp fall leaves blow, the stars softly twinkle and the moon does glow….

What a wonderful autumn’s eve to take a walk, gather colorful leaves and ponder the nights beauty, thought Starlette as she strolled along with her faithful mischievous cat, Tuffs. Her heart warms while she gazes at the stars in all their celestial beauty. Brilliant, golden, shimmering, tiny diamonds, scattered out upon the soft moss blanket of the evening sky. She’s amazed at how the universe throws out stars of confetti before her, as if to rejoice in her presence. Just knowing that her name is derived from these universal gems, makes her smile.

Every now and then she reaches to pat the soft ebony fur of Tuffs; she feels blessed to have such a trusty companion who is always at her side. He is constantly doing his best to keep a watchful eye out for her well-being...never does he let his guard down. Some say he’s a little grumpy, but Starlette loves him regardless of others comments about his character. She knows his heart is loving and true, that is all that matters to her.

Starlette is hopeful that you’ll have shimmering beautiful star filled skies throughout all of this autumn season, many warm blessings...and a true companion by your side.

Sweet and Scary

Sitting in this small cool autumn meadow, under a starry moon filled sky, surrounded by grisly ghost barren trees, you’ll find a cute little candy corn trailer with all the comforts of a wee dwelling to warm a souls spirit.

Working diligently inside the tranquility of this tiny trailer, are Taylina and her frisky, furry, feline companion, Merlin. Also known as Mer-Mer. Together they will create the most spooktacular, hauntingly, suspense-filled stories and writings.

Where will they be taking the readers this time? Will it be to a faraway place, brooding and dark, with sinister characters to send chills upon your skin? Or will it be a mysterious town filled with lurking creatures that only come out into the shadows of night, causing havoc beyond any earthly understanding? Oh...the excitement of it all!

Wherever these two wonderful friends find themselves journeying, in the creations of their imagination on this October autumn’s eve, may it be with all the frightfully, fabulous, fun they can conceive. All the while, enjoying a delicious warm cup of tea and a few sweet pieces of candy corn.

Happy Octobers eve...may all your nights be “Sweet and Scary!”


Happy Birthday Month October Babies!

Yes, it’s your special time to indulge in the many wonderful joys of this month. Warm days, cool nights, leaves turning and swirling in brilliant kaleidoscopic colors. Festive events taking place, celebrating and also calling attention to the things that matter. Like of course, Cookie Month, National Diabetes Month, National Vegetarian Month, National Pizza Month, Sarcastic Month, the list goes on.  And then there’s also the biggest fright night of the year...Halloween.

 However you celebrate this month, be it your “Birth Month” or just one of your favorite times of year to feel happiness with all the amazing activities and colors that surround you; may it be all that you hope for and so much more. And for all the “October Birthday Babies” may all your wishes come true.

Enjoy this “October Birthday Babies” cake from me to you; “Pumpkin Spooky Spice Cake,” yum! Make sure you get a big slice and share it with all your friends….

Summer Travelers

 To all those summer travelers who are mourning the last twinkling of this glorious, warm, exciting, active season coming to a close; all the fun festive times shared with friends and family slowly melting into memories of cherished moments. Soon you’ll have to pack away the suitcases, warm weather clothing, flip flops and don’t forget to winterize the RV’s.

 I want to say thank you for sharing your summer moments with me. To the travelers who have gone from coast to coast, continent to continent, and State to State Parks. From joyous events, weddings, concerts, art happenings, picnics and yes, even those wonderful protest! Thank you.

 So with that regard I want to introduce to you “Jeanell”...this cute little trailer is inspired by one of my amazing, exuberant friends who is a great outdoor enthusiast. She travels wherever destiny’s challenge calls her to go.  She’s also one of the most compassionate people I know; her heart finds its way to fighting wild forest fires, saving children lost in their wanderings, rescuing pups from all over the planet, taking old worn out trailers and giving them a second life, to just hanging with the people she loves most. These are a few wonderful qualities that she has tucked away in her heart.

 Notice all the charming hearts...yes, my dear friend finds hearts everywhere she goes. In flower patterns, in the clouds, even in the concrete and stones of our daily lives. So I guess you could say love follows her.

 I hope this piece brings you joy and some warm hearts to find you in your day….