Happy Birthday Month October Babies!

Yes, it’s your special time to indulge in the many wonderful joys of this month. Warm days, cool nights, leaves turning and swirling in brilliant kaleidoscopic colors. Festive events taking place, celebrating and also calling attention to the things that matter. Like of course, Cookie Month, National Diabetes Month, National Vegetarian Month, National Pizza Month, Sarcastic Month, the list goes on.  And then there’s also the biggest fright night of the year...Halloween.

 However you celebrate this month, be it your “Birth Month” or just one of your favorite times of year to feel happiness with all the amazing activities and colors that surround you; may it be all that you hope for and so much more. And for all the “October Birthday Babies” may all your wishes come true.

Enjoy this “October Birthday Babies” cake from me to you; “Pumpkin Spooky Spice Cake,” yum! Make sure you get a big slice and share it with all your friends….