Sweet and Scary

Sitting in this small cool autumn meadow, under a starry moon filled sky, surrounded by grisly ghost barren trees, you’ll find a cute little candy corn trailer with all the comforts of a wee dwelling to warm a souls spirit.

Working diligently inside the tranquility of this tiny trailer, are Taylina and her frisky, furry, feline companion, Merlin. Also known as Mer-Mer. Together they will create the most spooktacular, hauntingly, suspense-filled stories and writings.

Where will they be taking the readers this time? Will it be to a faraway place, brooding and dark, with sinister characters to send chills upon your skin? Or will it be a mysterious town filled with lurking creatures that only come out into the shadows of night, causing havoc beyond any earthly understanding? Oh...the excitement of it all!

Wherever these two wonderful friends find themselves journeying, in the creations of their imagination on this October autumn’s eve, may it be with all the frightfully, fabulous, fun they can conceive. All the while, enjoying a delicious warm cup of tea and a few sweet pieces of candy corn.

Happy Octobers eve...may all your nights be “Sweet and Scary!”