Look at those delicious yummy pies! Baked fresh for all the November Birthday Babies. Cherry, apple and berry! Oh what a wonderful smell drifting from their warm fruit filled centers. They’re just waiting for someone to dish them up in celebration of this months Birthday Baby.

November is also the month of being thankful for so many blessings. First of all the blessing of birthdays and pie! And of course family, friends, health, country, comforts of home, and the bountiful harvest that we find in our fields.

Autumn is such an inspiring time of the year. The colors that float down from the trees, the beautiful rolling gold fields that carpet the November lands. The amazing skies that continually change from brilliant to dark smokey shades of blue.

Then there’s the  weather with it’s unpredictable temperatures which makes for lots of excitement.  Cloudy, stormy, windy, hailing, sunny! Watching the leaves dance on the storms breath, whirling and swirling, brilliant with falls color pallet painting a magical ballet before your eyes. Take it all in...soon winter will be here and the golden hues of this season will have passed.   

However you spend this November, may it be surrounded with happiness, a warm beverage, loved ones and pie!