Robin's Christmas Trailer

Oh what fun it is to see, what Robin’s trailer has inside!

There are people who love Christmas and then there are people who just carry Christmas in their soul all year round...having such enormous hearts filled with love and giving, that it’s contagious when you’re in their presence.

Robin is such person…inside this small joyfilled trailer you will encounter the deliciousness of Christmas treats wafting out onto the air. Spices of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, orange and even a touch of seasonal mints, all circle about your nose, making your mouth water. While soft melodies of holiday songs land upon your ears, lifting you into the seasons happy celebration. Candles brightly shimmer in this space of giving, capturing in their light, the already wrapped packages with their colorful pagentery, stacked and scattered all around.

As her treats bake in the tiny oven, Robin continues to carefully wrap each and every gift that she has handpicked for the many unexpecting recipients. Soon these gifts will be sent out in the mail or hidden under someone’s tree. She has bags overloaded with the giving of love, joy, happiness and special thought...why I myself received some beautiful drawing supplies from her.

Outside she has decorated her trailer with the warmth of Christmas lights, Poinsettias, and a beautiful, fragrant, Rose and Cedar wreath. Standing behind her trailer is a merry snowman named Timothy Snow. He has picked up some of the packages; Timothy is always happy to be of help with delivering some of the gifts for Robin. If you ask me, I think he’s kind of sweet on her...but don’t tell anyone I told you that!

Well would you look there! An adorable little bird has landed on Timothy’s mitten. It seems to be singing along to the holiday songs that are whispering about her Christmas trailer.

Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, thanks to Robin’s heart for the season and her hopes for a year filled with peace, joy and most of all, the many gifts of love…may we all be blessed with a Robin in our lives….