Pumpkin and Pies

Sometimes beautiful gifts come into our lives when we least expect them. One of my gifts has the name Little J...and I’m most certainly sure that the J stands for Joy! Since Little J came into my life, I’ve known nothing but joy and blessings from her existence. Little J is always finding ways to make a persons heart feel light and love. When seeing a lost sad soul, she’s there to hold their hand and lend an ear to hear what the trouble may be. Yes, she’s heaven sent. An absolute angel. After she has blessed you with her tender words and smile, you’ll know you’ve been in the presence of an earthly angel...even if she has tucked her wings out of sight.

Not only does she bring joy to ones soul, she brings joy to your tummy too!  In the mornings you will hear her busy scampering about the kitchen preparing tasty treats for all who have the opportunity to be in her company. She is a wonder at preparing delicious dishes such as, avocado toast and sandwiches of your choosing. When it comes to a beverage, hot or cold, she’s your girl!

Here you see her Pumpkin and Pies treat trailer. Inside you will find Little J busy creating sweet yummy delights and warm autumn drinks for anyone in need of something tasty for their tummy. There’s apple pie, cherry, chocolate cream, pumpkin, berry and her specialty tayberry pie. Her apple tayberry spiced cider...well, all I can say is she must have learned the recipe in heaven when she was there visiting the other angels, because it’s absolutely heavenly!

If you’ve ever heard of someone having a “Servant’s Heart,” Little J is the perfect example of the meaning. So, when you’re out and about on your travels during this festive season and you happen to come upon this little trailer filled with joy, pies and blessings...make note, a real “Sweetie Pie” is about to warm your autumn day with incredible joy.

Oh! I almost forgot...make sure to wish Little J a “Happy Birthday.” Because she’s a “November Baby,” a true “Sweetie Pie.” Well now, that explains everything!