Santa Snow

It won’t be a blue, blue Christmas...sings Santa Snow.

Silly Santa Snow loves to sing his own renditions of Elvis’ Christmas songs as he goes about his Christmas deliveries for Saint Nick, in the cold Northern areas of the world. Santa Snow truly believes his voice sounds just like the King’s voice. Everyone who hears his songs just smiles at his storming confidence and sweet joy filled heart, encouraging his tunes, even if they are a little off key.

Santa Snow is one of the most productive Snow Souls I know. Not only does he work ever so hard to ensure that all of Saint Nicks Northern deliveries are completed, but he’ll also find a way to put other Snow Souls who may be in need of a job, to work. He’s diligent in making sure they’ll have all the proper training, tools and attire, to do their jobs of helping with Saint Nicks greatest task...World Gift Delivery. If they’re in need of a warm scarf, fuzzy mittens or tip top hat, Santa Snow is always prepared with whatever item they might request, this way, they too can help in making the season merry and bright.

Sometimes Santa Snow is a little late at some of his task, folks say he’s a procrastinator. But the truth be known, Santa Snow loves Christmas cookies and hot cocoa. So please understand if he’s running a little late, it’s because he’s enjoying a yummy, sugary treat at one of the homes he’s delivering to. Have no fear...he’ll make it on time!

So if you’re out and about on a beautiful snowy Christmas Eve and you happen hear a loud, but glorious Elvis Christmas song, being bellowed about your ears, followed by the sweet, sugary, vanilla smell of Christmas cookies and cocoa, you can bet your Christmas stocking it’s Santa Snow! And remember, if you want to find yourself busy helping with the seasons blissful deliveries, let Santa Snow know...he has a pair of mittens that will fit you perfectly….

This one’s for all you Elvis fans out there…. click here!

Merry Christmas!