Summer Travelers

 To all those summer travelers who are mourning the last twinkling of this glorious, warm, exciting, active season coming to a close; all the fun festive times shared with friends and family slowly melting into memories of cherished moments. Soon you’ll have to pack away the suitcases, warm weather clothing, flip flops and don’t forget to winterize the RV’s.

 I want to say thank you for sharing your summer moments with me. To the travelers who have gone from coast to coast, continent to continent, and State to State Parks. From joyous events, weddings, concerts, art happenings, picnics and yes, even those wonderful protest! Thank you.

 So with that regard I want to introduce to you “Jeanell”...this cute little trailer is inspired by one of my amazing, exuberant friends who is a great outdoor enthusiast. She travels wherever destiny’s challenge calls her to go.  She’s also one of the most compassionate people I know; her heart finds its way to fighting wild forest fires, saving children lost in their wanderings, rescuing pups from all over the planet, taking old worn out trailers and giving them a second life, to just hanging with the people she loves most. These are a few wonderful qualities that she has tucked away in her heart.

 Notice all the charming hearts...yes, my dear friend finds hearts everywhere she goes. In flower patterns, in the clouds, even in the concrete and stones of our daily lives. So I guess you could say love follows her.

 I hope this piece brings you joy and some warm hearts to find you in your day….