The Boos'

Look! It’s Bubba Boo and Kitty Boo, with Momma and Papa Boo too. They are out Trick-or-Treat haunting through the Six Arms Cemetery. Have you ever seen such spooktacular spirits with so much style?

Momma Boo never leaves the Boo crypt without her red brolly and velvet handbag. Papa Boo can always be seen haunting the poshest of establishments in his brown felt derby hat, and carrying his hand carved cane made from a great oak that is older than him. Yes, it is said his cane was carved from a gnarly tree that was over eight hundred years old. Papa Boo is only one hundred and fifty years old...he’s just a babe in the cemetery.

Hiding behind the magical six armed maple tree is Bubba Boo. He couldn’t wait to go out Trick-or-Treat haunting and get himself a bag filled to the tiptop with boootiful sweets. Do you see him by the tree in his little propeller beanie? He seems to be a little shy tonight.

Oh, and what a night it is! Such an amazing night to go out mousing in the moonlight, at this frightfully fabulous, witching hour. Kitty Boo has joined her family on this boootiful Halloween evening in hopes of capturing some of its excitement.

Sitting on one of Six Arm’s branches, is Kitty’s friend Merlin. He is watching a witch fly by as he waits for Kitty Boo’s arrival. Merlin knows she’ll be out tonight because it’s one of their favorite nights to hunt for little furry mice...they never eat them though, they just catch them and then let them go.

Hope your Halloween is spooktacular and that you might find yourself in the company of an awesome apparition who is to the likes of a Boo.