Oh how can it already be the beginning of the end of this year?

December has come and we’re all in a festive mood. Enjoying the holiday seasons colorful decorations, music, sweet treats and spirit.

But what about those December Babies? Yes their special day can get lost in all of the seasons overwhelming joy.

So for all of you December Babies, I have made a cake of candy and ginger. It’s filled with all the sweetness and warmth that we’ll find in a December Babies heart.

I would suppose that having your birthday month in December might be pretty wonderful too? All the extra love, gifts, decorations, parties and having Santa around, well that has to be a plus! I’m sure that he’ll give you some special attention, because Santa knows it’s your special month...the jolly old elf knows everything...right?!

So as we begin the start to this festive season, may we all remember to pause, breath, enjoy the beauty of the season, share a loving kindness with our family, friends and neighbors. And be sure to bake a yummy ginger cake, decorated with vanilla-rum icing, colorful candies and served with lots of love, just for our December Babies.