Starlette and Tuffs

The warm wind howls, the crisp fall leaves blow, the stars softly twinkle and the moon does glow….

What a wonderful autumn’s eve to take a walk, gather colorful leaves and ponder the nights beauty, thought Starlette as she strolled along with her faithful mischievous cat, Tuffs. Her heart warms while she gazes at the stars in all their celestial beauty. Brilliant, golden, shimmering, tiny diamonds, scattered out upon the soft moss blanket of the evening sky. She’s amazed at how the universe throws out stars of confetti before her, as if to rejoice in her presence. Just knowing that her name is derived from these universal gems, makes her smile.

Every now and then she reaches to pat the soft ebony fur of Tuffs; she feels blessed to have such a trusty companion who is always at her side. He is constantly doing his best to keep a watchful eye out for her well-being...never does he let his guard down. Some say he’s a little grumpy, but Starlette loves him regardless of others comments about his character. She knows his heart is loving and true, that is all that matters to her.

Starlette is hopeful that you’ll have shimmering beautiful star filled skies throughout all of this autumn season, many warm blessings...and a true companion by your side.