Shai Snow....

Shai Snow is making his Hanukkah rounds, bringing gifts to all who are lighting the Menorah and spending time with loved ones, while celebrating this season of lights and miracles.  

Shai carries on one arm and mitten, beautiful, brightly wrapped gifts of blues, silvers and golds. Look how they sparkle in the light of the Menorah. In the other mitten he carries a golden dreidel. With each rotation of this small shiny top, Shai fills the air with a delightful warmth and cheer. All who place their hands into a game of dreidel will find themselves captured up by enormous amounts of fun, and of course the reward of chocolate coins called Gelt. Some people like to use nuts and other tokens for a reward, but chocolate coins are Shai’s favorite of the rewards to win from the pot. After winning his share of the game, he will put the coins in his pocket...where he never has to worry about them melting. Later while visiting with others celebrating Hanukkah, he will take out his coins and share them into the next  game’s pot.

One of Shai’s greatest joys during his visits, is to wander into the kitchen of a home celebrating and find himself a yummy potato Latke (potato pancake) that he will smother with warm, sweet, cinnamon applesauce and a spoonful of sour cream. Sometimes, before he leaves to make his next delivery, a sweet soul will hand him a small napkin with a Sufganiyot (jelly filled donut) wrapped up inside. These little, delicious delights will be a blessing to his spirit and tummy as he continues on his long eight day journey.

Shai and I want to wish you all a Happy Hanukkah! May the miracle of light fill your homes and hearts all the year through. Also, if you happen to see Shai, (pronounced like shy) say hello for me. Shalom….