Mistletoe Fairies

Do you hear that? The soft fluttering of Christmas Fairy wings. Oh look! It’s Loveable Lilly and Joyful Jo!

What are those two cute little fairies up to? I see red satin ribbons, a shiny red heart ornament and what’s that? Mistletoe!

It seems these two little Christmas Fairies have been given the task of hanging the Mistletoe for Santa. See how they take such great care in placing the beautiful ornament with its greenery in the perfect place. They have found a small doorway near the dining area, they know this will be a busy spot to capture the many hungry folks, who’ll unknowingly pass through the doorway and  find themselves being kissed.

After they have done their ever so important task, they will hide away and watch the fun begin.

These two little fairies not only do special jobs for Santa, they also help take care of his winter forest, assisting some of the other winter forest fairies.  They’ll watch over every plant, big and small, making sure that each plant is healthy and happy...they know that Santa’s winter forest needs to be given all the love and joy possible, especially the Mistletoe, Holly, and Christmas trees that grow there.

Sometimes Santa will come into the forest and visit with them. He enjoys the fresh air and lush green beauty that his forest brings to all who visit. Santa says, “There’s nothing like tending to nature!” Loveable Lilly and Joyful Jo love it when Santa shares in this task, because he always brings Christmas cookies to nibble, hot cocoa to warm your tummy and peppermint sticks for stirring into the cocoa. Spending time with Santa is the best!

So the next time you find yourself standing under the Mistletoe and someone gives you a big kiss, making you blush a wonderful Christmas crimson; know that two little loveable Christmas Fairies are giggling joyfully at your happy Christmas circumstance….