From inside a little pink birdhouse, sings out the tiniest of sweet spring songs. Two little baby bluebirds singing out to their mom.

Don’t worry, don’t fret! Mother Bluebird will be there yet!

Below, on the birdhouse pole, climbs a red spring vine rose.

In the fresh new grass, quietly sits, a fluffy brown bunny, with its nose all a twitch.

Lavender blossoms pop up from the ground, as tiny little critters climb and flutter all around.

Fresh is the air on this beautiful spring day...happy are the sounds we hear, as the children play.




Dublin and Cork

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Today, I was walking along a small garden path covered with glistening wet hazelnut shells, which were the colors of burnt sienna and golden coppers. I was about to step forward off the path, onto the grass, to look at some delicate white flowers with purple hues on their edges, when I heard, “Look out!”

I froze in my tracks, looking all around me. Then hopping out from the flower bed, I spied a small fluffy brown bunny and riding on its back was a little fairy.

They were so adorable! “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t see you there.” I said.

“No worries friend.” Replied the little fairy all dressed in green. “My name is Dublin and this is my friend Cork. We’re on our way to the ‘March Hare’ parade. I’m so glad I caught you stepping onto the grass, otherwise we’d have been bounced by your boots!”

“I’m glad you saw me too! I would have felt horrible if I had stepped on you. I was looking at those lovely white flowers with purple tips.” I said.

“Oh yes, Droopy Whites are very pretty and they smell wonderful too...some say they smell like fresh apples. I think they smell like apple pie with cinnamon.” Said Dublin, with a big smile, which lit up her peach colored cheeks.

“So you said you are on your way to the ‘March Hare’ parade? What is that?” I asked.

“Well it’s something we ‘Green Fairies’ like to do for ‘Saint Patrick’s Day.’ We put on our best brilliant green outfits and call all our bunny friends to go for a ride in the ‘March Hare’ parade.  A parade like no other! Filled with lots of colorful fun and silly songs that are sung as we ride along. It’s a March celebration for all who love bunnies, green, fun songs, laughing and dancing to Irish music. Oh! And lots of scones, scones filled with raisins, berries, citrus rinds, and some even have pieces of chocolate too. You can top off your scone with some delicious home made jams, freshly made right out of our ‘Fairy-Berry-Patch,’ while splashing a dollop of sweet clotted cream on top to give your scone the most wonderful mixture of creamy flavors.  And what is a delicious scone without a cup of tea...there’s lots of fragrant teas to tickle your nose. It’s a wonderful, whimsical time! You should follow me and come enjoy the celebration with all of us ‘Fairy Folk.’ I know you’ll just love it!”

“Oh could I? I think you’re absolutely right! I’d love that!” I said, with great excitement.

So the next thing I knew, I was dancing, singing, laughing and stuffing my mouth with the many different scones that laid out on the long clover covered tables. I ate so many...well they were the size of small crumb. I had the most wonderful time, and can’t wait till next year.

I will wear my “Best, Brilliant, Green” and bring a tray orange, cranberry scones to share with all my new ‘Fairy Folk’ friends.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Be sure to watch where you’re going...you may just be about to go on your way to a ‘March Hare’ parade with some tiny wee folk, who make the best scones you’ll have ever eaten!



Top of the Morning Trailer

Top of the morning to you, sings out a happy, little, yellow bird, while sitting on top of this darling tiny hat trailer. The sun has just begun to warm the dewey grass while casting its rays across the sky to capture some small rain clouds in its glow. Oh and look! A beautiful rainbow with all its brilliant colors, is spilling out onto the canvas of the sky.

Inside this tiny hat trailer are to two wonderfully Irish souls. They are busy preparing wonderful Irish dishes to enjoy with their many friends and family, who will come to their yard on Saint Patrick’s Day in hopes for a tummy full of delicious Irish delights.

Eileen is busy at the stove cooking up her famous “Corn Beef and Cabbage,” to which she’ll also add colorful root vegetables of onions, turnips, carrots, and some snappy rutabagas. Then she’ll find the perfect pinch of salt, pepper, mustard seeds, bay leaves, and a small bounty of allspice berries to give her master piece meal all the fabulous flavors of Ireland.

Ed stands next to Eileen, working his own magic on some Irish soda bread. Oh the recipe is simple, tried and true, since it was discovered in 1840. Flour, baking soda, buttermilk, salt! That’s all you’ll need, that’s all you’ll want! Sings Ed in his happiest of Irish tones. When Ed’s done baking the soda bread, he’ll place the loaves of bread on small cooling racks that stack.

Soon it will be Saint Patrick’s Day. Ed and Eileen will be all prepared for their guests. Folks with plates in hand will hold them up to the trailers windows hoping to find some Corn Beef and Cabbage and a delicious crusty chunk of soda bread smothered with freshly warmed butter. Ed will have also made batches of soda bread with currants and raisins, for the folks who want a bit of sweet to their Corn Beef bite.

Make sure you get there first, if you can, because Tomcat, all big, orange and proud, will have his eye on your steaming hot portion of Corn Beef.

While you’re there enjoying your Irish Blessing...wander the yard to take in Ed and Eileen’s garden...there’s a tree full of raspberry roses which smell as wonderful as they sound. And don’t forget to see Ed’s “Pot Of Gold Posies,” they’re sure to make you smile….




March is here!

I’m so happy for March! So happy for all the wonderful March Babies too!

March is a time for renewal, the month that Spring arrives and welcomes us with her unfurling, outstretched vines of glorious shades of green. A warm shining sun, lifting the hidden beauty that has laid asleep beneath the Earth’s winter soil and awakening the soft buds perched upon the branches of tired winter trees. Life dances and rejoices at the sound of March knocking at her door.

March is also the month we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day...wearing all our green with pride! The month we celebrate National Women’s History, Celery, International Earth Day, Corn Beef and Cabbage day, National Quilting Day...oh there’s so much to celebrate that I could just go on and on.

And If you just happen to be born in this wonderful month of green surprises, enjoy this March Birthday cake I’ve made just for you! The cake hat is a delicious dark chocolate with mint fudge fondant. The cake pot of gold is made of sweet butter rum and the fondant is a brilliant blast of blackberry, while the cake cloud is vanilla and lavender, with buttercream fondant. Oh I’m making myself hungry! Enjoy your March Birthday cake and know that you are truly blessed to be a child of the coming Spring and all the joy it brings.

Happy March Everyone!   



New Snow

Blizzard and Frostina Snow are happy to introduce you to their newborn Snow, “Little Gust!”

Isn’t he the cutest little snowball you’ve ever seen.

Frostina has wrapped him up in a little blanket that she’s made herself from the bits and pieces of her and Blizzards wintry scarfs. He looks so snow cozy, what a precious snowball he is...and a sleepy one at that.

The Snows have been waiting a long time for his arrival and now that he’s here they can hardly believe their eyes. They have so many plans for his wintry life...teaching him to ice skate, how to build a snow hut, watching him play toss the snowshoes, and sledding down copious snow hills with his snow pup on board. Yes, so many first to accomplish and so many new friends for him to make. They’ll just want to freeze and enjoy all these tender moments before they melt away.

So many blessings a new snowfall can bring with it, so as the clouds in the sky begin to fill with fresh new snowdrops, that will soon fall onto the wintry ground...look up with the joy of knowing precious Snow’s are about to be born and bring you comfort as they find their way to all the Snow families anxiously awaiting their arrival.




Look about you... there is love everywhere! February is always filled with wonderful moments of colorful love, and this little trailer is no exception to that rule.

Quietly parked in the last remnants of the winter’s snow, sits this little trailer of serenity, filled with a great love of words, musical song, knowledgeable whisperings, thoughts of peace, the best hopes for humanity, animalkind and the planet...accompanied with a loving spirit of colorful whimsey.

Seated at her drawing table, working enthusiastically, is a redheaded artist whose mind is in a constant state of creativity. She works at her craft of ink, color and love; there is nothing more inspiring than love.

Someday’s she’ll be seen walking amongst the beautiful snow covered heather, studying it’s depth of purple hues, pondering the next piece of art that needs to be released onto a silent sheet of Stonehenge white paper. What thoughts are dancing around in her whimsical mind of imaginary delight? Will it be an illustration, a memory, an abstract design, a statement of soul, or all the above? Will there be a story to follow, a poem, a song, or just silence, letting the viewer decide the arts story?

Above, floating by, are soft cool February clouds that seem to have formed into deep hues of royal winter colors...I guess you could say that wherever this little trailer travels to, it is covered with love.

And look, there’s a small kitten named Knowlie who has come by in hope of some warm milk and a soft pet. She will be welcomed in to stay for as long as she pleases. She knows this is a place of love and care, where all souls big and small are welcome with no time constraint or judgement at all.

This artist hopes your day is filled with floating, royal winter clouds above your head, fragrant heather beneath your boots and heartfelt warmth from any beautiful soul you may happen to meet in this glorious month of February and its remaining days of Love….



Jon Snow

“Delivery! Delivery!” Shouts Jon Snow as he pushes his sled full of packages. Every package on his sled is being delivered to some unexpecting Snow Soul...these aren’t your everyday run of the mill packages either. They are special Valentine’s Day packages filled with warm wishes and loads of love. Only Jon Snow can be trusted with such an important job!

Yes! It would seem that Jon really has his mittens full today with all of this love, not just his mittens, but also his pockets. Look at all that love weighing him down! You’d have to be a very special Snow Soul to deliver all this sweet love.

Traveling along with Jon are Crimson Cardinal and Skipper Snow, they’re his trusty companions. Crimson loves to sing out joyful tunes that help to keep Jon’s boots bouncing along on the snow covered ground. Skipper helps with the deliveries, carrying them to some of the customers, after which he’ll sit wagging his little tail in quick delightful motion. This is Skipper’s way of letting them know how much he loves his job.  

Many of the customers will reward Skipper with a treat; because he’s snow adorable! Then Skipper will give them a cool wet lick with his icy blue tongue, saying thank you.

Skipper always makes sure to share a crumb or two of his treats with Crimson. By the end of the workday they are usually very full and ready for a nice quiet snooze.

Jon, Crimson and Skipper are all loved and appreciated by the Snow Souls of Snow-Blossom. With every delivery that Jon makes on his route, he too will find lots of love returned to him on this winter wonderful Valentine’s Day. I even overheard that some kind Snow Soul gave him a big white chocolate snow kiss and a bag of cinnamon hearts...Yum!  

So if you are snow fortunate to have Jon, Crimson and Skipper knocking at your door, calling out, “Delivery! Delivery!” Know that something wonderful has been shipped to you from some other sweet Snow Soul and your day is about to be filled with blessings….

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you beautiful, winter wonderful souls!!!



Snow Angels

I love to make Snow Angels! How about you?

Seems we may not be the only ones who enjoy a day out in the snow making Snow Angels.

These cute little Snow Souls are having snow much fun! There’s Joe Snow at the top, Patty Snow to his right, James Snow at the bottom, and Kayla Snow to the left. They’re doing their winter workouts while laughing and having a blizzard of a time. I’m sure that they are following London Snow’s instructions to the T and that London will be very pleased at the progress they’re making with these beautiful Snow Angels.

It’s a good thing that they are prepared for this snowy day all dressed up in such flurryful fashions. Because I’ve heard from the Winterman that more snow is on the way! This will be a great surprise for these fun filled Snow Souls.

London has other Winter-life workouts planned for them. There will be Cross Country Snow Skiing...Patty’s favorite activity, she enjoys taking photos of all the natural beauty while she’s out skiing along.

Snow Bowling...James’s favorite activity, because he’s so big and strong. It’s nothing for him to get a high score, plus he thinks it’s pretty rad when all the snow-pins hit the ice, making a wonderfully loud crashing sound.

Snow Hopping...Kayla’s favorite...she’s always hopping around… snow much so that it’s hard to catch her!

And lastly there will be a glorious Snowball Fight! Joe loves a good Snowball Fight. Maybe because he’s so fast and has a great aim. Yep! If you don’t duck he’ll get you smack in the snow-kisser!  

Well, just watching these little Snow Souls is starting to make me tired. I think I’ll go inside and have a nice warm cup of tea, and set myself in the window seat, where I can continue to enjoy all that these adorable Snow Souls are up to. Maybe I’ll even see you joining in on some Winter-Life workouts too….



London Snow

London Snow makes it all look so easy as she skates her way into February.

London is one active Snow Soul! She’s always busy at keeping fit and helping others to do the same.

Today she seems to be in an ice skating marathon. Not only is she leading the race, she’s doing it with her workout weights in tow too! This must be the annual “Frosty Heart” marathon...it goes on every year, helping to raise snow crystals for the “Frosty Heart Foundation.” The FHF makes sure every Snow Soul has the opportunity to be living a healthy, frosty heartful life.

Yes! London is in the lead! Soon the Snow Souls who donated to her for the FHF,  will be skating their way to the Snowbank and withdrawing some snow crystals to give to London for the cause.

London can also be seen working out with other Snow Soul’s at “Arctic Abs” ice sculpting gym. She’s their number one Winter-Life coach. She helps the Snow Souls of Snow-Blossom’s village to stay in their most fierce, frosty form. She works one on one with each soul to help them find the best Winter-Life program that will feed their hearts, minds, and snow souls.

Someday’s you can catch her working with the younger Snow Souls, encouraging them do their best blizzard bouncing! She’ll have them whipping up a snowy storm in no time! Afterwards, she’ll take them all over to the Great Glaciers snow cone stand for a yummy frozen fruit treat to enjoy. She knows this is one of the best ways to renew their frosty electro-snowflakes. London’s favorite treat to get is the Wild, Wild, Blueberry Icy...yum!

Everyone loves London! She’s such a wonderful winter Snow Soul...so if you’d like to get yourself into great snowy shape, pop on over to “Arctic Abs” and ask for London Snow. I know she’ll be very happy to meet you. Before you know it, London will have you being the best blizzard you can be in no time too….



Snow Lovie's Visit

Dashing through the snow! Look at how they go!

Delightfully singing a happy winter tune, Papa, Momma, Poppi and Pup Snow-Lovie are enjoying a wild sleigh ride through the village of Snow Blossom. I bet they’re on their way to see Anthony, Sasha, Greg and Bridgette Snow-Lovie!

Pup can’t wait to get there and play with his friends Greg and Bridgette. He’s heard they received some new toys to play with. Hanging out and playing with your best buddies is always super fantastic fun...especially when they share their blessings with you.

Poppi is excited to be driving the sleigh, it’s her first time driving in the village of Snow-Blossom. She steers the sleigh with great expertise. She hasn’t any worries of a Snow Soul getting in the way of the sleigh, because she’s tied a couple jingling bells on the back. The bells sing along in song with the Snow-Lovie’s as they fly through the slick wintery streets of Snow-Blossom.

Papa and Momma Snow-Lovie are excited too...it’s been a long time since they’ve all been together. There will be lots of catching up to do. And of course Papa Snow-Lovie will tell his many funny, flurryful, snow stories...again...making everyone’s snowy sides ache with laughter.

Momma Snow-Lovie will be happy to just sit back and take in all the winter-wonderful joy, while munching on one of Sasha’s amazing ginger cookies with butter rum icing. Anthony will be happily serving up some of his newly made warm ginger spiced-apple cider.  

The Snow-Lovie’s believe being together is Snow Wonderful...and are hopeful to be seeing more of each other as the year turns by.

So if you happen to see the Snow-Lovie’s flying through your village on their jingling sleigh, shout out a fabulously frosty hello and wave your colorful mittens as they go dashing along singing a merry winter song….




Happy Birthday February Babies!

Yes the month of February is upon us and it’s time to give all those February Sweethearts some special love. Send them a card, blow them kisses, wrap up some love for them and share a wonderful piece of heart shaped cake with them. Yum! And let’s not forget all those Valentine Lovies either...I’m sure they love cake too!

February is also the National Wear Red month to remind everyone to take care of their hearts...so please take care of your heart, make that checkup and make sure you’re moving to the best beat possible.

Then there’s Presidents Day too...a time to honor some of our forefathers.

And Valentine’s Day...Oh Valentine, Oh Valentine, Oh won’t you please be mine? Why not make some homemade cards to share with all your Lovie’s on this special day. Homemade is always appreciated, shows you really took the time to say to some Lovey, “You’re so very special to me!”

And tomorrow is Groundhog Day! Groundhog Day! Did I just repeat that? LOL! Let’s all hope he doesn’t see that shadow. Because I’m ready for an early spring, how about you?

However you are spending this February, I hope it is with lots of Lovies….

P.S. February is the shortest month of the year, so there’s not a lot of time to spoil all those February Babies during their birthday month...so better get started! XOXO



M & E Hospitality

Sitting in a beautiful snow filled valley with forest green and amethyst mountains rising high, touching the sky, where chilly cold winds blow...you’ll find this winter wonderland trailer of M and E.

Just knock at the door and step inside. This trailer is filled with soft twinkling candles, giving off great warmth and light, they seem to fill the atmosphere with love. You’ll be greeted with a hug that’s as warm as the candles light, making you feel just like your one of the family. Any care or concern you may have had, will melt away as you place your coat on a tall wooden coat rack.

M and E always know just what to do! They’ll serve you hot coffee, tea or cocoa...something delicious and warm. E is always trying out new recipes, today she is making her famous Chocolate-Bombs, they are sure to blast away any dessert cravings you may have. No guilt here, they’re healthy treats to eat!

M is a musical wonder, he plays all kinds of instruments, but the drums seem to be his beat. So while you enjoy one of E’s delicious snack, go ahead and tap your frosty toes to M’s awesome sounds, the vibrations are sure to warm your feet. Somedays M will set up a wild winter wonderland light show for everyone to enjoy...this is something he likes to do for the New Year or a special occasion. He and E always know how to make they’re guest feel extra special!

M and E are game enthusiast too...so don’t be surprised if you find yourself involved in some hilariously fun game making you laugh till your sides ache. FYI...M usually wins.     

I mustn’t forget to tell you how much love and warmth you’ll receive from their friendly, fuzzy, furbabies. There are two sweet kittens and a lovable little pup...yes this little trailer is filled with all the comforts and love of home sweet home.

So if you’re ever fortunate enough to visit this beautiful snow covered valley, where M and E live; hop on by and say hi! You’re always welcome at M&E’s Hospitality Trailer….



Rumple Snow

Oh it has gotten so cold outside! Look at poor Rumple Snow and Indigo his little Snow pup! They look very cold, even for Snow Souls.

It seems they are hungry too...I sure hope that some kind Snow Soul passes by and helps them out. Rumple and Indigo have been trying very hard to find their special place to be. But it seems that there just isn’t enough work or places to live in Snow-Blossom’s village these days.

I think I will have to contact Sasha Snow on my Flurry Phone and let her know about these two dear Snow Souls. I’m sure she can help them. She’s great at helping those who are searching for work, a home and anything else they may be in need of. She could mention them to Forest Snow and see if he’s in need of any help with the forest of Snow-Blossom.

When I talked to Rumple he said he used to be a Snow-florist and he had a shop in the village of Frosting, where he sold many of his beautiful floral creations to Snow Souls who were shopping for special gifts.  But hard times fell on the village and many Snow Souls didn’t have the extra funds to buy his beautiful floral pieces, thus, he lost his florist shop.

Maybe Forest has some tree trimming work that needs to be done. Then after Rumple and Indigo finish helping him with this task they could gather up the trimmings and use them to create some beautiful decorative floral designs for Snow Souls to purchase.

Oh! And I could chat with Rozzi Snow to see if she has any bits and pieces of yarn leftover from her Snow Snugly creations...maybe she’d be willing to donate a few colorful strings for Rumple to use in his fabulous works.

I just know that all the wonderful Snow Souls of Snow-Blossom village would love to help. Snow-Blossom doesn’t have a Snow-floris, so Rumple and Indigo would be such an amazing gift to their village.

Don’t you just love it when Snowmanity comes together to help one and other out?

Well I better go get in touch with Sasha Snow...she’ll need time to figure out Rumple and Indigo’s situation, she won’t waste a moment! She’ll have them somewhere safe, happy and busy by the end of this day...I just know it.

If you have any suggestion let me know and I’ll tell Sasha, every little bit of help will make the difference. And thank you for being a caring Snow Soul..Snowmanity thanks you too….




It may be chilly outside, but not for this snow sweet young couple Anthony and Sasha Snow-Lovie. Wherever they go, you’ll find them floating along in the fresh snow, holding each others mittens, snuggling close, keeping each others hearts warm. Ahhh! Young Snow Love!

Some days you can find them strolling the wintery streets of Snow-Blossom’s village. They enjoy exploring all the little shops, finding hidden treasures of snowy times gone by. Anthony is a music and chess enthusiast, so during some of these strolls you’ll see him pop into a shop finding an instrument to play, or challenging another Snow Soul to a snow serious game of chess, while he partakes in a delicious hot peppermint mocha.

Sasha loves her beautiful little wintery village, she is often seen zipping about, chatting with other Snow-Blossom villagers. Sasha has a way of keeping up on the latest news that is happening in Snow-Blossom and if she hears of any poor Snow Soul’s difficulties, she is the first to find a remedy for their needs. Some say she and Anthony are the kindest Snow Souls they know.

Today Anthony and Sasha Snow-Lovie seem to be looking for some new toys for their little Snow Soul Kitties, Greg and Brigette.  

Before they finish up their winter-wonderful excursion they’ll go to their favorite eatery and enjoy a warm bowl of Snow-Squash soup, prepared for them by the ever talented Frosty Moss Cafe team. Then, while leaving the cafe, they’ll capture a yummy cinnamon sugar heart cookie, sharing it on their snowy sleigh ride home.

If you are ever in the village of Snow-Blossoms, stop in and give these two loving Snow Souls a hug. They are always happy to see a Soul’s cheery smile no matter how far or near they’ve come. And don’t forget to snuggle up a hug from Greg and Brigette too!



Forest Snow

Who’s that adorable Snow Soul? Why it’s Forest Snow! It looks as if he’s just emerged from the Snow-Blossom forest.

Riding along, on top of his winter whisking broom is his friendly pet, Birdie Blue. She sings songs with Forest as they work their way through the beautiful trees that grow in the Snow-Blossom forest.

Forest and Birdie Blue are scouting out all the beautiful wintry trees, looking for any issues that may cause the forest to become unhealthy. There are many different types of trees to care for such as the Virginia Pines, which are a beautiful green. Scotch Pines also known as the Scots Pine, having strong branches, making them great for decorating. Then there’s the Blue Spruces with their silver blue branches and wonderfully strong fragrance, some say they’re the perfect Christmas tree because of their shape. The Norway Spruces with their enormous dark green branches growing up to a hundred and eighty feet tall, stands guard in the lush forest, while their cousins the Balsam Firs stand a small size of sixty-six feet. Then last but not least, the Fraser Firs with their yellowish green branches and wonderful pleasant scent, have a reputation for being able to hold very heavy ornaments on their strong branches too. But, of all these amazing trees, the Scotch Pines are Forest favorite. Forest is known as the Great Snow Soul Caretaker of Snow-Blossom’s forest. He and Birdie Blue sweep away harmful conditions, such as branches, pest and snow weight that may damage the trees branches. Forest also helps to lift little forest animals up to safety in the trees with his trusty broom. These tiny forest animals will climb onto the broom and in an instant they’ll find themselves safely back in the comforts of their tree homes.

You may recall that Stephen Snow stopped by not too long ago to help Forest and Birdie Blue plant some fresh new saplings. Forest uses the end of his broom handle to make small holes in the ground, after which he and Stephen planted little sapling into the holes, then with the help of Birdie Blue and her feathery wings fluttering quickly, they covered the saplings delicate roots. After every sapling was planted, Stephen gently placed one of his beautiful double heart ornaments on the fragile tree to remind people to be careful of the new tiny forest friend.

Forest is such a loving Snow Soul that many find being in his company as wonderful as walking through the Snow-Blossom forest itself. Birdie Blue can be a trickster and play jokes on Forest, which always causes Forest to laugh joyfully making his tummy shake happily. He and Birdie Blue are a big part of the Snow Blossom Village family, they are loved by all the Snow Souls who dwell there.  

The village of Snow-Blossom is so very thankful for Forest and his friends, and for all they do. So, today they have given him a new coat and hat to wear while he’s out busily taking care of the beautiful forest. I bet his hat was made by Rozzi Snow, too!

Forest is always happy to make new friends and teach them about the Snow-Blossom forest, so the next time you visit the village of Snow-Blossom take a walk through the woods, stop and chat with Forest…I know you’ll learn so much...after all he did get his Forestry degree from Evergreen College!




Happy New Year! Happy Birthday January Babies!

2019...Wow! A new year and another year older!  

January is the time of year for new beginnings, for seeking out new discoveries to fill up the year ahead and for making new friends to make new memories with. So why not start it off with parties! New Year parties, birthday parties and winter snow parties!

Snow Soul, Januflurry, has brought the perfect snowberry cake to celebrate all these special events. Yes, inside this wonderful moist vanilla cake you’ll find winterberries of every kind, plump and juicy, oozing with blue-violet flavors, turning your tongue a sweet tingling shade of blue. The wonderful fondants wrapping up this winter sponge of a feast, are as follows...bottom cake, toasty coconut. Middle cake, sweet blueberry almond. Top cake, a yummy buttercream!    

Look at how Januflurry balances that cake on top of his head...it looks just like a colorful snow scene hat! Are all those presents wrapped up in beautiful bows for the January Babies?

I can’t wait to celebrate with my friends and family all that this new year holds! Here’s to wishing you all a Happy New Year and Happy January Birthday to all of you wonderful winter souls. It may be cold out, but a Snow Souls heart is as warm as a tropical breeze….