New Snow

Blizzard and Frostina Snow are happy to introduce you to their newborn Snow, “Little Gust!”

Isn’t he the cutest little snowball you’ve ever seen.

Frostina has wrapped him up in a little blanket that she’s made herself from the bits and pieces of her and Blizzards wintry scarfs. He looks so snow cozy, what a precious snowball he is...and a sleepy one at that.

The Snows have been waiting a long time for his arrival and now that he’s here they can hardly believe their eyes. They have so many plans for his wintry life...teaching him to ice skate, how to build a snow hut, watching him play toss the snowshoes, and sledding down copious snow hills with his snow pup on board. Yes, so many first to accomplish and so many new friends for him to make. They’ll just want to freeze and enjoy all these tender moments before they melt away.

So many blessings a new snowfall can bring with it, so as the clouds in the sky begin to fill with fresh new snowdrops, that will soon fall onto the wintry ground...look up with the joy of knowing precious Snow’s are about to be born and bring you comfort as they find their way to all the Snow families anxiously awaiting their arrival.