Aloha! Welcome to Gigi’s trailer....

Sitting on the soft golden sand of the Pacific ocean’s beach, you will find this colorful trailer; warm tropical winds, Aquamarine waves and swaying palm trees accompany this little home, giving it a beautiful scenic space of peace.

Gigi keeps her little trailer always ready for visitors - she has what some may call a servants heart. Gigi always has lovely fresh fruits ready for her guest, with which she makes up some of the most delicious tropical smoothies! Why today she has been out picking mangoes, so whoever the blessed soul is to visit today, will be enjoying one of her fabulous mango smoothies. They’re so yummy! Gigi uses bananas, coconut milk, vanilla bean, honey, ice and of course the freshest of mangos. She blends all the ingredients until they are rich and creamy, then she’ll place this wonderful Hawaiian drink into a tall frosted glass with a paper straw.

While you sip your mango smoothie, Gigi will take you around her garden covered beach and share with you all the beautiful island flowers she has been growing. If you look inside her flower boxes on the trailer you’ll find tiny Pikake flowers with the most delicate Jasmine scent. Gigi uses Pikake and Purple Orchids to make wonderful fragrant, stunning, flower wreath necklaces, called Lei’s, which she gives to travelers as a welcoming to her home. She is also growing some gorgeous bright orange Hibiscus flowers, they are so colorful. I bet she’ll pick a few of these after their petals have opened and make Hibiscus tea. She may even wear one of the flowers in her beautiful black hair - the color combination would be dazzling!

As you wander along with Gigi, you may notice a few playful items such as surfboards and beach balls. This is because she is the best Grandma ever! Everyone is welcome at Gigi’s and you can stay as long as you wish...but know if you do, Gigi will find a project or two that will be needing your assistance.

Oh, and if you do decide to leave this beautiful, relaxing, beach scene, Gigi will fill your arms full with the largest Avocados you’ll have ever seen, they’re just another tropical wonder from her garden of tropical dreams.