Bumbershoot Girls

Come rain or shine, you’ll find this little trailer running up and down the road, pushing its way through the puddles, to land somewhere with lots of fun to be had.

Yes, the “Bumbershoot Girls” are out and about...journeying to the next festive event. It’s seems they have already been out earlier today, enjoying some rainy day activities and are now resting inside, recharging their batteries for the evenings fun filled events of music, arts, food and friends.

These two young ladies never miss the opportunity to share in the joy of living out life’s great adventures. Why, not too long ago they were in the snow covered mountains, then at a ranch that was the home of several beautiful horses. Then there’s their beach escapades, they just love to tuck their toes into the Earl Grey sands of the Pacific coastline while breathing in the salty sea air.

But today it would seem they have been out adventuring along the path of a rainy day parade, filled with puddles to splash in and raindrops to wash away the gloom of winter’s long sleep. It would also seem that they have acquired a new orange kitten, they must have found it while they were out. Look at how at home it seems with the other pets. I wonder what other great marvels they found as they splish splashed their way through this rainy day.

If ever you’re out on the trail and you happen to meet these two adventurous souls, know that they have lots of plans for their day. So, if you stay to enjoy their company long enough, you’ll become a part of that active plan.  Make sure your batteries are charged! I bet they’ll even have a bumbershoot to cover your head and a pair of rainboots to keep your toes dry, if you’re in need of them.

When the day comes to an end, you may also find yourself with a cute little orange kitten to take home and name, making it a wonderful addition to your family and a reminder of the two “Bumbershoot Girls” who tapped into your souls adventurous spirit….