Picking Posies

Spending time picking posies with Pops is one of Ginger’s favorite things to do. Look at her all adorned in her sunshine yellow dress with its cornflower blue trimmings and ribbon. Pops looks so fancy fresh in his dapper denim pants and tie, which sits elegantly atop his beautiful salmon pink shirt. Together these two adorable bunnies are the pick of the posie patch.

As Ginger and Pops hop happily around the field gathering their lovely bouquet of colorful posies, they are met by many brightly colored butterflies. These playful, tiny, winged wonders, flutter over Ginger and Pop’s bouquet in hopes of finding some sweet warm nectar to dine on.

After arriving home Ginger places the bouquet of posies into a special green glass vase that will be displayed on the entryway table. All who visit will be greeted by the posies as they wave their delicate petals, saying hello.

Many wonderful Bunnies, with their paws filled full of gifts for Pops, will be stopping by to say “Happy Father’s Day.” They will fill his day with wonderful stories of their exciting adventures and share a hearty meal of steamed cabbage and beets with him. After their meal has settled, they will all enjoy a delicious piece of carrot cake with vanilla and walnut frosting.

This is just a few of the many happy moments Ginger will be spending with Pops on this Father’s Day. Ginger is hopeful that you’ll be spending a happy Father’s Day with your Pops, too, and that you’re surrounded with love and colorful butterflies….