Oh what a beautiful day!

Birds are singing, all that flutters is fluttering, and the tiniest of critters that crawl are inching their way through the lush spring green grass in hopes of finding a cool place to rest.

Above, the sun peeks out from behind a fluffy cloud gently drifting along in the clear blue sky, shining it’s bright golden rays onto a sleepy, little, yellow and blue trailer that stands alone.

This is Forget-Me-Nots trailer. She is the sweetest of souls always planting seeds that will one day grow into beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables, or trees. She is a Master Gardener who can’t help but have her hands deep into the earth’s dark, rich, musty soil. And if there is a weed that has found its way into her garden seeking out the new little seedlings, have no fear! Forget-Me-Not is well prepared with her trusty gardening tools, she’ll be pulling and plucking out any invader that tends to harm her tender precious sprouts!

Forget-Me-Not has such a talent for growing wonderful gardens, so all who know her, seek her out for her wisdom and help. Yes, she can be found helping others to have a beautiful, healthy, lush garden that will give them years of colorful happiness, sweet fragrant moments of joy and most of all juicy, delicious goodness from the earth.

With this talented gift, Forget-Me-Not has blessed the planet’s ecosystem by giving the many big and small creatures a place to feed, refresh and relax.

So the next time you need the expertise of a Master Gardener, remember to look for the little yellow and blue trailer of can’t miss it because it is surrounded with beautiful planted wonders and lots of Forget-Me-Nots.

This piece is dedicated to all the wonderful gardeners I’ve known in my life...My Grandma’s, Ed and Eileen H. Lillian and Elmer H. Lucille A. Thelma K. Marilyn Z. Judy S. Opal J. Lori M. Patty R. Gigi D. Maggie H. Roxanne T. Hermine F. Gerry D. Linda M. and Drew K.

May we all be inspired by an earth loving soul who keeps the ecosystems happy and healthy….