Happy May! Happy Birthday May Babies!

Oh May, how much do we love you? Let me count the ways.

We love your endless rows of flowers, each and every colorful ribbon winding its way through our gardens, nourishing the tiny bumblebees as they stop by to taste the sweetness of your blossoms.

We love your warm golden pink morning sunrises melting away the cold icy dew, waking the world from her winter’s nap while early birds sing to me and you.

We love all the beautiful fluttering creatures born upon your spring May breeze and all the adorable newborn calves and lambs that frolic in the fields with joyful ease.

There’s so much to love about you May, the celebrations of our mothers who we hold so near and dear. Yes May you are a special month, a month of birthdays filled with cheer. So as we go about our day we’ll say to all who can hear...we are so thankful for you May and so very glad that you are here!

And don’t forget to feast your eyes upon the May Birthday cupcakes created with all of you May Babies in mind. Chocolate cupcakes with berry fillings of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry! Each cupcake is topped off with buttercream icing, sculpted onto a cute little cupcake flower pot….