April has arrived...and that’s no April Fool’s Joke!

Happy April! Happy Birthday to all you beautiful April Babies! This is the time of year when the rain falls from the sky and washes away all the Winter’s blues, giving us beautiful flowers with delicate faces, smiling up at us from Mother Earth’s arms of rich, damp, brown soil.

I love to see the tiny displays of color, carpeted all around the neighborhoods, towns, cities, fields, and forest. They speak to me saying, “See, we told you Spring would return!”

There is so much to do this month! There will be birthday parties for all the wonderful April Babies, like a famous fableist. Yes, this is the month that Hans Christian Andersen was born back in 1805, FYI. And, on that note, International Children’s Book Day is celebrated in this month too.

Other important days in April are, Find a Rainbow Day, Passover, Easter, Arbor Day, Earth Day, Pigs in a Blanket Day, Humorous Day, and World Health Day...so much to do! So no excuses for not having anything to do!

And of course this is the prectect month for a walk in the rain...grab your umbrella and boots or not, your choice. But get out and see what April’s nature has instore for you. Maybe pick some Daffodils and put them in a favorite family heirloom vase to remind you of April showers gone by.

Whatever you find yourself doing this month, I hope it is with great joy and wonder...Happy April!