Look about you... there is love everywhere! February is always filled with wonderful moments of colorful love, and this little trailer is no exception to that rule.

Quietly parked in the last remnants of the winter’s snow, sits this little trailer of serenity, filled with a great love of words, musical song, knowledgeable whisperings, thoughts of peace, the best hopes for humanity, animalkind and the planet...accompanied with a loving spirit of colorful whimsey.

Seated at her drawing table, working enthusiastically, is a redheaded artist whose mind is in a constant state of creativity. She works at her craft of ink, color and love; there is nothing more inspiring than love.

Someday’s she’ll be seen walking amongst the beautiful snow covered heather, studying it’s depth of purple hues, pondering the next piece of art that needs to be released onto a silent sheet of Stonehenge white paper. What thoughts are dancing around in her whimsical mind of imaginary delight? Will it be an illustration, a memory, an abstract design, a statement of soul, or all the above? Will there be a story to follow, a poem, a song, or just silence, letting the viewer decide the arts story?

Above, floating by, are soft cool February clouds that seem to have formed into deep hues of royal winter colors...I guess you could say that wherever this little trailer travels to, it is covered with love.

And look, there’s a small kitten named Knowlie who has come by in hope of some warm milk and a soft pet. She will be welcomed in to stay for as long as she pleases. She knows this is a place of love and care, where all souls big and small are welcome with no time constraint or judgement at all.

This artist hopes your day is filled with floating, royal winter clouds above your head, fragrant heather beneath your boots and heartfelt warmth from any beautiful soul you may happen to meet in this glorious month of February and its remaining days of Love….