Dublin and Cork

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Today, I was walking along a small garden path covered with glistening wet hazelnut shells, which were the colors of burnt sienna and golden coppers. I was about to step forward off the path, onto the grass, to look at some delicate white flowers with purple hues on their edges, when I heard, “Look out!”

I froze in my tracks, looking all around me. Then hopping out from the flower bed, I spied a small fluffy brown bunny and riding on its back was a little fairy.

They were so adorable! “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t see you there.” I said.

“No worries friend.” Replied the little fairy all dressed in green. “My name is Dublin and this is my friend Cork. We’re on our way to the ‘March Hare’ parade. I’m so glad I caught you stepping onto the grass, otherwise we’d have been bounced by your boots!”

“I’m glad you saw me too! I would have felt horrible if I had stepped on you. I was looking at those lovely white flowers with purple tips.” I said.

“Oh yes, Droopy Whites are very pretty and they smell wonderful too...some say they smell like fresh apples. I think they smell like apple pie with cinnamon.” Said Dublin, with a big smile, which lit up her peach colored cheeks.

“So you said you are on your way to the ‘March Hare’ parade? What is that?” I asked.

“Well it’s something we ‘Green Fairies’ like to do for ‘Saint Patrick’s Day.’ We put on our best brilliant green outfits and call all our bunny friends to go for a ride in the ‘March Hare’ parade.  A parade like no other! Filled with lots of colorful fun and silly songs that are sung as we ride along. It’s a March celebration for all who love bunnies, green, fun songs, laughing and dancing to Irish music. Oh! And lots of scones, scones filled with raisins, berries, citrus rinds, and some even have pieces of chocolate too. You can top off your scone with some delicious home made jams, freshly made right out of our ‘Fairy-Berry-Patch,’ while splashing a dollop of sweet clotted cream on top to give your scone the most wonderful mixture of creamy flavors.  And what is a delicious scone without a cup of tea...there’s lots of fragrant teas to tickle your nose. It’s a wonderful, whimsical time! You should follow me and come enjoy the celebration with all of us ‘Fairy Folk.’ I know you’ll just love it!”

“Oh could I? I think you’re absolutely right! I’d love that!” I said, with great excitement.

So the next thing I knew, I was dancing, singing, laughing and stuffing my mouth with the many different scones that laid out on the long clover covered tables. I ate so many...well they were the size of small crumb. I had the most wonderful time, and can’t wait till next year.

I will wear my “Best, Brilliant, Green” and bring a tray orange, cranberry scones to share with all my new ‘Fairy Folk’ friends.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Be sure to watch where you’re going...you may just be about to go on your way to a ‘March Hare’ parade with some tiny wee folk, who make the best scones you’ll have ever eaten!