Top of the Morning Trailer

Top of the morning to you, sings out a happy, little, yellow bird, while sitting on top of this darling tiny hat trailer. The sun has just begun to warm the dewey grass while casting its rays across the sky to capture some small rain clouds in its glow. Oh and look! A beautiful rainbow with all its brilliant colors, is spilling out onto the canvas of the sky.

Inside this tiny hat trailer are to two wonderfully Irish souls. They are busy preparing wonderful Irish dishes to enjoy with their many friends and family, who will come to their yard on Saint Patrick’s Day in hopes for a tummy full of delicious Irish delights.

Eileen is busy at the stove cooking up her famous “Corn Beef and Cabbage,” to which she’ll also add colorful root vegetables of onions, turnips, carrots, and some snappy rutabagas. Then she’ll find the perfect pinch of salt, pepper, mustard seeds, bay leaves, and a small bounty of allspice berries to give her master piece meal all the fabulous flavors of Ireland.

Ed stands next to Eileen, working his own magic on some Irish soda bread. Oh the recipe is simple, tried and true, since it was discovered in 1840. Flour, baking soda, buttermilk, salt! That’s all you’ll need, that’s all you’ll want! Sings Ed in his happiest of Irish tones. When Ed’s done baking the soda bread, he’ll place the loaves of bread on small cooling racks that stack.

Soon it will be Saint Patrick’s Day. Ed and Eileen will be all prepared for their guests. Folks with plates in hand will hold them up to the trailers windows hoping to find some Corn Beef and Cabbage and a delicious crusty chunk of soda bread smothered with freshly warmed butter. Ed will have also made batches of soda bread with currants and raisins, for the folks who want a bit of sweet to their Corn Beef bite.

Make sure you get there first, if you can, because Tomcat, all big, orange and proud, will have his eye on your steaming hot portion of Corn Beef.

While you’re there enjoying your Irish Blessing...wander the yard to take in Ed and Eileen’s garden...there’s a tree full of raspberry roses which smell as wonderful as they sound. And don’t forget to see Ed’s “Pot Of Gold Posies,” they’re sure to make you smile….