Peace On Earth....

  Potz has dressed up as the Christmas Carols “Ghost Of Christmas Present.”

  ln his hand he carries a cornucopia torch to light the way, and behind him you’ll find a small feast of fruits, each filled with juices sweet and delicious. On his head a holly wreath with shining icicles.

  This piece is a representation of what Charles Dickens wanted to reveal and keep in the hearts of his readers…”Peace on Earth and goodwill to man!”

  The holiday seasons can keep us so busy, tossing us into the commercial world of Black Fridays chaos, madding traffic patterns, and last minute Christmas crunches. So much so that we forget these gentle story reminders. Not just Dickens Christmas Carol, but other traditional stories, such as,The Gift of the Magi, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Night Before Christmas, The Nutcracker and my favorite The Velveteen Rabbit. Yes, set yourself down, take a breath, and turn the page of a beautiful holiday story that will re-energize your mind and heart into what the spirit of Christmas truly means to you.

  I know that we all have the “Spirit of  Christmas Present” in us. Love, compassion and generosity are not lost, these feelings remain in each and everyone. Let this be the year you are “Present!”

  Please leave a note on my FB page sharing a Christmas story you have taken time to read and re-energize with. Merry Christmas!


  Lighting of the Hanukkah candles, eight nights to celebrate the Maccabees victory over the Seleucid Empire - Ancient Greeks.
  The miracle of the lasting oil, enough for one night to light the menorah in the temple, but burning bright for eight nights.   
  Spinning the dreidel, Shin Hey, Gimmel Nun “A great miracle happened there.” I win the pot of golden chocolate coins!”   
  Making Latkes with onions, or with cheese, or whatever you please!
  Gifts to give on each of the eight nights, showing your love for one another and reading the Torah.
  May Miracle the fairy of Hanukkah fill your home with warm golden light as she gently places the bright fiery flame onto the Shamash candle...Shalom….


  So the holidays are upon us and there is so much to get done before the twenty-fifth! Parties to attend, work to finish, finals, travel to book, hotels to schedule, presents to buy, foods to prepare, decorating the home space, and photos with Santa...the list seems as long as a script from the “Christmas Carol!” So if you find yourself feeling a little like “Tangle” the moose, with your feet skating on ice and your antlers all wrapped up in Christmas lights...have no fear, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!”

  All the things that you need to do will get done. You can survive it! You may have a few papercuts, need new feet, gain at least five glorious Christmas cookie pounds and have eyes the color of Santa’s most brilliant red suit.

  But it will all have been worth it when you’re standing with your candle glowing bright at the beautiful Christmas service and the choir is softly singing, settling all your shattered nerves. Then you’ll find yourself snuggled warm and comfy in front of a crackling fire, watching one of your favorite Christmas movies, while the tiny twinkling lights on the Christmas tree soon carry you off to slumberland.  Well at least that’s how I hope it happens for you!  Make the best of this crazy “Tangle” of a season and remember...Christmas comes but once a year.


  Let me introduce Darwin and his Galapagos fellows. FitzRoy the Blue Footed Booby, S. Covington the Yellow Footed Booby and Henslow the Gray Footed Booby. I have created these characters to represent the Galapagos Islands Journey of Charles Darwin, (Seen here as the Red Footed Booby). I want to bring awareness to the plight of these beautiful birds and other animals that are facing great dangers as the world’s climate changes. I hope these fun characters will  remind us how our everyday actions affect our world and all the creatures who co-exist with us.

  Thank you for reading and please share...because we all need to be “Booby” conscious!





S. Covington

S. Covington




  Mr. and Mrs. Red Squirrel are out and about on this windy wet November day, gathering up a harvest of acorn nuts for their family and friends “Thankfulness” get together. They have decided that this year’s meal will be a bounty of roasted acorns, mashed roots of rutabaga (one of Mrs. Squirrels favorites), and berries of the most glorious reds, blues, purples and oranges.

  Mrs. Red Squirrel and her children will work on the table center piece, and build a beautiful bouquet of herbs using rosemary, thyme, sage, fennel and lavender (Mr. Red Squirrels favorite herb). They will place the bouquet in a vintage hollowed out and hand carved wooden twig - a most treasured piece made by Great Grandma Red Squirrel. It’s delightful presence will remind them of their loved one from years gone by.

  Mr. Red Squirrel will brew up a fragrant pot of cranberry (spicy) clove cider and sweeten it with syrup from their own maple tree forest. Then they will all gather with their loved ones and enjoy the blessings of this year’s harvest while giving thanks for all of Autumn’s gifts.

  After their meal of “Thankfulness,” they will dance and sing songs. Voices chattering in every tune, tiny toes tapping and shuffling around the room...soon a nap will find them warm and still as winter’s cold breath knocks at their homesteads tree trunk.

  May you have a most memorable “Thankfulness” meal surrounded with all your loved ones. Season’s blessings to you….

Harvest Season Is Here!

Meet Farmer Drew Mouse...he is busy harvesting wonderful goodies from his garden. Many of these colorful hardy vegetables will be shared with friends and family, he has lots of winter squashes to feast on and beans of all kinds. He is famous for his pickled string beans; making up several batches and giving them to all his fans who have come to love these green and purple scrumptious delights! Farmer Drew Mouse has a very generous heart and is loved by all of Goudaville. I know that Potz will be stopping by to pick up some of these delicious beans, the purple beans are his favorite. Farmer Drew Mouse always leaves a stack of canned beans by the front door so that anyone looking for a bit of his garden bounty can have a bite or two while sharing with others; who will find themselves happily filled with these green and purple phenomenons. Yes, Farmer Drew Mouse has been very busy. So if you find yourself busy tending to your garden too...please remember to share your blessings with others. I know they will be very thankful that you did! Happy Harvest to all!

Miniskirt Monster

Halloween is just around the corner and there’s so much that needs to be done!

Miss Miniskirt Monster has to pick up a few things for her “Spooktacular” party. She’ll need some bats for her “Bobbing from Bats” game, a witches hat, to give her that wonderfully wicked look while she passes out “Toadie Treats” (so she’ll need to grab a few tasty toads too), and also a bit of glow in the dark paint which will come in handy for painting signs. She’ll then have to place these spooky signs around the town, giving directions to all the party goer’s who are looking forward to this fun filled night of Tricks and Treats. She really likes the idea of placing some fallen stars around her haunting home, they will make a perfect glowing ambiance! And she won’t want to forget a magical broom or two to help with cleanup afterwards. Yes! Miss Miniskirt Monster has so much to get done before this Autumn night of fun arrives. Hope you have a chance to pull together all that needs to get done too...because what would Halloween be without a little shopping for some “Spooktacular” fun?

Happy Halloween! And be careful while you’re out and about being frightfully fierce!

Pumpkin Patch

 In the “Pumpkin Patch” you will find, beautiful, orange and kind,

 a round October squash that never seems to mind,

your wandering gaze….

It’s time to select the perfect prize pumpkin! I know you’ll be choosing the one with the most magnificent size, shape and color. Then, before you journey home with this delightful thick shelled, seed filled orb of a friend...a venture through the corn maze, or a hayride perhaps.

And what would a trip to the “Pumpkin Patch” be, without some Autumn nourishment. A hot cup of sweet steaming apple cider to warm your bones, and a soft pillowy apple donut to enjoy alongside that cup of cider. Maybe a crisp apple, with a coat of delicious warm gooey caramel, might be more to your liking.

Oh yes! The “Pumpkin Patch” is the place to be this time of year.

Happy October Pumpkin Hunting!

Fall Star

Well the Fall season has arrived, and that means “Pumpkin Spice,” harvesting of wonderful foods, visits to the “Pumpkin Patch,” and colorful falling leaves that whirl, and swirl around, dancing on the Autumn winds dry cooling breath.

This is an inspiring season for me. I love all the beautiful warm colors that fill my mind’s eye, encouraging new creative activity to be born on my art table. Some of it realistic work, and some of it fun whimsical fantasy. All of it filling my spirit with insurmountable joy!

Another place I look for inspiration during this season, is the sky, with it’s glorious opalescent clouds drifting on a beautiful azure blue ocean.

Looking up into the star filled, dark cobalt night sky, I’m filled with a great sense of awh...and the fact that I’m such a small member of God’s great creation.  At times it makes me pause, and ask, “What is my task for this world, and universe.” Then I begin to wonder, “Am I doing my best to fulfill this task?” Yes, the sky can give you neverending moments of inspiration, and question.

So, as we come into this season of Fall, may you be inspired while you search the Autumn skies...and I bet, while you are pondering on it’s beauty, the “Fall Star” will peek out at you, giving you a quick glimmering glimpse of it’s alluring warmth.

So I’ll wish you a “Happy Fall” season, or should I say...“Welcome to Pumpkin Season!” Whatever you prefer to call it, may you be filled with all it’s colorful, compassionate warmth….

August Is Here

August has arrived and all its heat too. But as you endure these tough times of exhausting heatwaves, may you also find the time to enjoy the amazing things that will accompany the month. One such event is the much talked about Solar Eclipse of 2017 that will traverse its way across the countries sky. Or, may you get to enjoy the Perseid Meteor showers that speed through the night, starting on August 12.

But, if you don’t chance to see these natural feats of August, maybe you can just sit back with a cool ice tea and watch the amazing Honey Bees do their job; another great activity which most times goes unnoticed. Without these phenomenal creatures of nature we’d be lost. Yes, these tiny winged creatures make sure that all the beautiful flowers are given a quick kiss as they buzz by.

An estimated one third of our food that comes to the table is pollinated by the Honey Bee, and they also feed our four legged friends out there too! If it weren’t for the Honey Bee I’d be very sad, because I wouldn’t have any summer “Watermelon” to enjoy...and we all know how much I love that summer fruit.

Unfortunately these precious little creatures are under attack, and we are the only ones who can save them. Our actions of how we live and garden determine their fate, if you could Bee-carefully minded, I know these little pollinators will thank you.

And remember while you’re out and about in this August heat sipping that ice tea drink, or any drink for that matter, it was brought to you by a Bee.  Support a Bee, plant a seed...keep them alive and free! “Besides, who else would give the flowers their morning kisses?”

Art and words by Tina Kay Kesler

Art and words by Tina Kay Kesler

Summer Star...

Finally! My favorite time of year has arrived! Get out the swimming suits, beach toys, bicycles, sun screen, sunglasses and flip flops...we have so much fun planned for these beautiful days of summer. Time to enjoy special sunny moments with our family and friends. I can’t wait to see what joyful, glorious, splendor the summer brings. I’m one of those people who loves the warmth too, just like all the summer flowers do...and remember when you’re out and about, look up to the summer sky, because I know there’s a bright “Summer Star” watching over you….

Words and Art by Tina Kay Kesler

Words and Art by Tina Kay Kesler


For all the moments in life that you’ve helped me to learn with a gentle guidance, set my sails high and full with the winds of knowledge and understanding. For the all the times you’ve handed over the helm, letting me steer my vessel’s course, even when I’ve run ashore and lost my way in the waters of life. You’ve always been a “True North” for me and I am ever blessed for your patience and to you I say...thank you for giving me the gift of courage to sail.

Art and words by Tina Kay Kesler

Art and words by Tina Kay Kesler

Ahhhhh...June is here...

Birds singing in the trees, bees buzzing in the flowers, hummingbirds sipping at the feeder and chirping with joy, for the stash of sugar water they have just found. June is a time to stop and reflect on natures beauty. No matter where you find yourself, pause and take in the natural surroundings offered to you. Maybe you can’t seem to find it because you’re cloistered away in a building somewhere;  just look a little harder...yes even those pesky little sugar ants are nature. Watch them, and see how their daily struggle reminds you that life is a never ending trial. But, when June arrives, that means the sweetness of summer has returned! So find yourself some natural sugar to enjoy and don’t forget to smell the flowers!

P.S. My sugar is watermelon!

Charles Hummingway /

Charles Hummingway /

Happy Mother's Day

Celebrating every mother on this Mother’s Day….

To all the women who have carried a child in their arms, patched a boo-boo, sat up with a sick child till the sun rose all pink and beautiful in the morning sky, who have read night-time stories and sang every song in your lullaby repertoire, who’ve listened to their child’s many concerns, cooked endless dinners for all the extra family that seem to accompany your children...the list goes on and on. I wish you a blessed Mother’s Day and say thank you, you are making all the difference to this world!

Mama Duck /   

Mama Duck /


He Is Risen

And  the angel answered and said unto the women, fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

He is not here: for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

And go quickly, and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead; and, behold, He goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see Him: lo, I have told you.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Matthew Chapter 28: 5-7

Artwork by Tina Kay Kesler

Artwork by Tina Kay Kesler

Spring Star

Hello Spring! I’m soooo looking forward to the beauty you’ll bring...buds a bloom, bees a buzzing, butterflies a fluttering and wonderful fragrances adrift on the warm spring breezes. While all this new life rises up from the earth reminding us of the great promise of new beginnings, I’m hopeful that you are blessed with the sighting of a natural wonder... maybe it will be a brood of ducklings following their parents or a clear night sky filled with stars that send a twinkle your way. Whatever it may be, may the blessings of Spring fill you with the hope of a new beginning; and if you are fortunate enough to spot the “Spring Star” know that you are very blessed!

Artwork by Tina Kay Kesler

Artwork by Tina Kay Kesler

You make my heart float!

Love is in the air and I just wanted you all to know that you make my heart float!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and everyone will be spending their special day with someone they love or something they love to do.

However you spend this day may it be filled with hugs, people kisses or pet kisses and lots of chocolate! And if you haven’t found your special someone, look out Cupid has a heart shaped arrow aimed your way!

Artwork by Tina Kay Kesler

Artwork by Tina Kay Kesler

Happy New Year

Are you ready for another year in the time continuum?  Yes all the wonderful events that await you are tucked away in the time warp of your much to do and see, so many smiling faces you haven’t even met yet, so many emotions to gather and process. This is the beauty of our existence here on this planet. Will we be a help or a hurt?  Will we choose to join a cause that will give joy to others, will we paint a great masterpiece, will we write that novel we’ve had on the shelf of our mind, will we learn a new dance, will we welcome a new life to our world, will this be the year you become the “Great Green Thumb?” However you may spend your days in the following year to come may the stars above shine bright on your new year’s journey. Blessings and Peace to all…and may the “Winter Star” guide you on the beginning of this path.

Winter Star: By Tina Kesler

Winter Star: By Tina Kesler