Miniskirt Monster

Halloween is just around the corner and there’s so much that needs to be done!

Miss Miniskirt Monster has to pick up a few things for her “Spooktacular” party. She’ll need some bats for her “Bobbing from Bats” game, a witches hat, to give her that wonderfully wicked look while she passes out “Toadie Treats” (so she’ll need to grab a few tasty toads too), and also a bit of glow in the dark paint which will come in handy for painting signs. She’ll then have to place these spooky signs around the town, giving directions to all the party goer’s who are looking forward to this fun filled night of Tricks and Treats. She really likes the idea of placing some fallen stars around her haunting home, they will make a perfect glowing ambiance! And she won’t want to forget a magical broom or two to help with cleanup afterwards. Yes! Miss Miniskirt Monster has so much to get done before this Autumn night of fun arrives. Hope you have a chance to pull together all that needs to get done too...because what would Halloween be without a little shopping for some “Spooktacular” fun?

Happy Halloween! And be careful while you’re out and about being frightfully fierce!