August Is Here

August has arrived and all its heat too. But as you endure these tough times of exhausting heatwaves, may you also find the time to enjoy the amazing things that will accompany the month. One such event is the much talked about Solar Eclipse of 2017 that will traverse its way across the countries sky. Or, may you get to enjoy the Perseid Meteor showers that speed through the night, starting on August 12.

But, if you don’t chance to see these natural feats of August, maybe you can just sit back with a cool ice tea and watch the amazing Honey Bees do their job; another great activity which most times goes unnoticed. Without these phenomenal creatures of nature we’d be lost. Yes, these tiny winged creatures make sure that all the beautiful flowers are given a quick kiss as they buzz by.

An estimated one third of our food that comes to the table is pollinated by the Honey Bee, and they also feed our four legged friends out there too! If it weren’t for the Honey Bee I’d be very sad, because I wouldn’t have any summer “Watermelon” to enjoy...and we all know how much I love that summer fruit.

Unfortunately these precious little creatures are under attack, and we are the only ones who can save them. Our actions of how we live and garden determine their fate, if you could Bee-carefully minded, I know these little pollinators will thank you.

And remember while you’re out and about in this August heat sipping that ice tea drink, or any drink for that matter, it was brought to you by a Bee.  Support a Bee, plant a seed...keep them alive and free! “Besides, who else would give the flowers their morning kisses?”

Art and words by Tina Kay Kesler

Art and words by Tina Kay Kesler