Fall Star

Well the Fall season has arrived, and that means “Pumpkin Spice,” harvesting of wonderful foods, visits to the “Pumpkin Patch,” and colorful falling leaves that whirl, and swirl around, dancing on the Autumn winds dry cooling breath.

This is an inspiring season for me. I love all the beautiful warm colors that fill my mind’s eye, encouraging new creative activity to be born on my art table. Some of it realistic work, and some of it fun whimsical fantasy. All of it filling my spirit with insurmountable joy!

Another place I look for inspiration during this season, is the sky, with it’s glorious opalescent clouds drifting on a beautiful azure blue ocean.

Looking up into the star filled, dark cobalt night sky, I’m filled with a great sense of awh...and the fact that I’m such a small member of God’s great creation.  At times it makes me pause, and ask, “What is my task for this world, and universe.” Then I begin to wonder, “Am I doing my best to fulfill this task?” Yes, the sky can give you neverending moments of inspiration, and question.

So, as we come into this season of Fall, may you be inspired while you search the Autumn skies...and I bet, while you are pondering on it’s beauty, the “Fall Star” will peek out at you, giving you a quick glimmering glimpse of it’s alluring warmth.

So I’ll wish you a “Happy Fall” season, or should I say...“Welcome to Pumpkin Season!” Whatever you prefer to call it, may you be filled with all it’s colorful, compassionate warmth….