Jon Snow

“Delivery! Delivery!” Shouts Jon Snow as he pushes his sled full of packages. Every package on his sled is being delivered to some unexpecting Snow Soul...these aren’t your everyday run of the mill packages either. They are special Valentine’s Day packages filled with warm wishes and loads of love. Only Jon Snow can be trusted with such an important job!

Yes! It would seem that Jon really has his mittens full today with all of this love, not just his mittens, but also his pockets. Look at all that love weighing him down! You’d have to be a very special Snow Soul to deliver all this sweet love.

Traveling along with Jon are Crimson Cardinal and Skipper Snow, they’re his trusty companions. Crimson loves to sing out joyful tunes that help to keep Jon’s boots bouncing along on the snow covered ground. Skipper helps with the deliveries, carrying them to some of the customers, after which he’ll sit wagging his little tail in quick delightful motion. This is Skipper’s way of letting them know how much he loves his job.  

Many of the customers will reward Skipper with a treat; because he’s snow adorable! Then Skipper will give them a cool wet lick with his icy blue tongue, saying thank you.

Skipper always makes sure to share a crumb or two of his treats with Crimson. By the end of the workday they are usually very full and ready for a nice quiet snooze.

Jon, Crimson and Skipper are all loved and appreciated by the Snow Souls of Snow-Blossom. With every delivery that Jon makes on his route, he too will find lots of love returned to him on this winter wonderful Valentine’s Day. I even overheard that some kind Snow Soul gave him a big white chocolate snow kiss and a bag of cinnamon hearts...Yum!  

So if you are snow fortunate to have Jon, Crimson and Skipper knocking at your door, calling out, “Delivery! Delivery!” Know that something wonderful has been shipped to you from some other sweet Snow Soul and your day is about to be filled with blessings….

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you beautiful, winter wonderful souls!!!