Snow Angels

I love to make Snow Angels! How about you?

Seems we may not be the only ones who enjoy a day out in the snow making Snow Angels.

These cute little Snow Souls are having snow much fun! There’s Joe Snow at the top, Patty Snow to his right, James Snow at the bottom, and Kayla Snow to the left. They’re doing their winter workouts while laughing and having a blizzard of a time. I’m sure that they are following London Snow’s instructions to the T and that London will be very pleased at the progress they’re making with these beautiful Snow Angels.

It’s a good thing that they are prepared for this snowy day all dressed up in such flurryful fashions. Because I’ve heard from the Winterman that more snow is on the way! This will be a great surprise for these fun filled Snow Souls.

London has other Winter-life workouts planned for them. There will be Cross Country Snow Skiing...Patty’s favorite activity, she enjoys taking photos of all the natural beauty while she’s out skiing along.

Snow Bowling...James’s favorite activity, because he’s so big and strong. It’s nothing for him to get a high score, plus he thinks it’s pretty rad when all the snow-pins hit the ice, making a wonderfully loud crashing sound.

Snow Hopping...Kayla’s favorite...she’s always hopping around… snow much so that it’s hard to catch her!

And lastly there will be a glorious Snowball Fight! Joe loves a good Snowball Fight. Maybe because he’s so fast and has a great aim. Yep! If you don’t duck he’ll get you smack in the snow-kisser!  

Well, just watching these little Snow Souls is starting to make me tired. I think I’ll go inside and have a nice warm cup of tea, and set myself in the window seat, where I can continue to enjoy all that these adorable Snow Souls are up to. Maybe I’ll even see you joining in on some Winter-Life workouts too….