London Snow

London Snow makes it all look so easy as she skates her way into February.

London is one active Snow Soul! She’s always busy at keeping fit and helping others to do the same.

Today she seems to be in an ice skating marathon. Not only is she leading the race, she’s doing it with her workout weights in tow too! This must be the annual “Frosty Heart” goes on every year, helping to raise snow crystals for the “Frosty Heart Foundation.” The FHF makes sure every Snow Soul has the opportunity to be living a healthy, frosty heartful life.

Yes! London is in the lead! Soon the Snow Souls who donated to her for the FHF,  will be skating their way to the Snowbank and withdrawing some snow crystals to give to London for the cause.

London can also be seen working out with other Snow Soul’s at “Arctic Abs” ice sculpting gym. She’s their number one Winter-Life coach. She helps the Snow Souls of Snow-Blossom’s village to stay in their most fierce, frosty form. She works one on one with each soul to help them find the best Winter-Life program that will feed their hearts, minds, and snow souls.

Someday’s you can catch her working with the younger Snow Souls, encouraging them do their best blizzard bouncing! She’ll have them whipping up a snowy storm in no time! Afterwards, she’ll take them all over to the Great Glaciers snow cone stand for a yummy frozen fruit treat to enjoy. She knows this is one of the best ways to renew their frosty electro-snowflakes. London’s favorite treat to get is the Wild, Wild, Blueberry Icy...yum!

Everyone loves London! She’s such a wonderful winter Snow if you’d like to get yourself into great snowy shape, pop on over to “Arctic Abs” and ask for London Snow. I know she’ll be very happy to meet you. Before you know it, London will have you being the best blizzard you can be in no time too….