Some Bunny Loves You....

  Happy Mother’s Day!
  Enjoy all that bunny love that is coming to make you feel furry special.

  Here’s hoping that all your little bunnies spoil you to your fuzzy heart’s delight with bushels of colorful flowers, and lots of paw-made cards placed all around. While delicious smelling, creamy carrot soup stews on the stove, and heavenly carrot cake with black walnuts, and sweet juicy plump raisins tempt you. Let’s not forget all those whiskery, tickly kisses you’ll be receiving, on the cheek...given by each cute critter who loves you so very much!

  Bask in all that bunny love you deserve, and always remember...Some Bunny Loves You!

  Meet Pip! She’s an adorable, loveable, happy hopping, little fuzzy friend. In her hand she holds the gift of simple beauty and love, to share with you.

  Please feel free to share Pip and all her simple love with others, and their Mothers, on this very special day.