Maaay Daaay

  Happy May Day to all of you wonderful people! Hope your day is filled with lots of spring warmth.
  And if you are out toiling away on some project, or job, here’s to all the hard labor you’re conquering; with hopes that you are fully appreciated for every single moment of the work you do, and are being compensated for it too!
  So, whether you are working, dancing around a Maypole or sneaking a beautiful bouquet of fresh spring flowers to someone special, I wish you a “Happy Festive May Day!”
  Oh! And meet Violet, Buttercup and Cornflower...three cute little sheep who want to wish you a happy “Maaay Daaay” too.
  These sweet lovable little fuzz balls were inspired by a dear friend of mine, who by the way is a very hard worker herself. She raises her own sheep, shears them, spins their wool into yarn and then creates beautiful hand knitted hats and mittens. Yes, you could say she’s pretty amaaazing!
  I hope you enjoy these happy little sheep on this wonderful day of May and that you take a chance to see them later in the week on my RedBubble site. I will post their product announcement on my Tina Kay Art FB if you get a chance, check theeem out... pleaaase. Sorry for the bleating, but it was so much fun.