Charlotte The June Fairy

  This is Charlotte...she is the “Caring Fairy.”

  We all need a Charlotte in our world, she cares for all the littlest of creatures. Making sure that they’re all happy and healthy, while entertaining them with her stories, songs and dance.

   June is a very busy time of year for Charlotte, there are always new little critters coming into the world in June, and they need her loving care.

   She’s one of the fastest fairies too...she will flit and fly circles around you, so fast it can make your head dizzy! She needs to be fast so she can keep up with all the speedy Lightning Bugs, also known as Fireflies. Then there’s the Buzzing Bees, and Dragonflies. Hummingbirds even have a time of it, trying to keep up with Charlotte; she’s just that fast!

  Charlotte loves to sing her songs to all her little friends. The Hummingbirds find great joy while they accompany her songs with their wonderful humming, and chirping. What a beautiful honey sweet tune they’ll create together.

  All the tiniest of creatures gather around to enjoy her songs and stories, sometimes they’ll sing along, while dancing with her...even the Crickets!

  So when you hear the Crickets start to chirp or a Hummingbird buzzing in your ear, be very still and listen closely, because Charlotte, the “Caring Fairy” may just be beginning a concert of the summer’s sweet June tunes, just for your pleasure. Buzzz….