Meet Alexandra

  She sits among the colorful early tulips, delighting in their beauty, while waiting for the warmth of the spring weather to find its place upon her fur.

  This friendly feline consistently finds herself helping others with task great and small. She is quick on her paws, and always bringing joy to those who find themselves in her presences.

  She has a fondness for making conversation with new and old friends...every audience is amazed at her gift for cheerful, heartfelt discussion.

  Alexandra has the most warm loving soul and she is never afraid to come to your assistance. She stays very active, always on the’ll wish you had her energy.

  As with any feline she is fond of kind words, yummy foods and loves to sleep. You may find her sleeping into the late afternoon, but that is only because she has been very busy doing the fabulous job of being a feline; working the night away. Sometimes she will work until the golden sunrise hours of the early morning.

  If ever you are gifted with a chance to meet a feline as wonderful as Alexandra, you will without doubt know that you have been purrfectly blessed!