E. B.

  E. B. is saying goodbye to winter.

  Yeah, he’s had enough of the snow and cold rainy weather too. He can’t believe that he has the annual job of the great egg delivery in just a few more days. How is that possible with all this wicked weather, which continues to blow over all the Easter flowers and shake the beautiful cherry blossoms from their tender budding branches?

  Oh this has got to stop! No bunny should have to wade through this miserable wet cold muck of a what he’s heard his friends call “Sprinter!”

  Will it ever end? Well regardless, he has a big job in front of him and if you’d like your egg delivery on time please remember to leave out some juicy, sweet, carrots to refresh him...helping to keep up his energy from all that hopping around. He loves carrots of every color, they’re all delicious.

  Please know that if you hear a loud thumping sound in the yard it’s probably him in his snow/rain boots.

  May we all anticipate for the best; that there will be nothing but beautiful sunny skies, along with lots of joy ushering us into the season of spring weather. Filling our hearts with grace, renewal and the hope for better days ahead.