Mini Clover

  Oh no! Mini Clover isn’t very happy right now. Some little Leprechaun has stolen up a bunch of her emerald green magical shamrocks.
  She has been looking everywhere! At the end of rainbows, under pots of gold, in the kitchen’s of cooks who are simmering up delicious dinners of corn beef with cabbage, Irish soda bread, and Irish coffee cakes.
  She’s passed through parades of people dancing jigs in all their Saint Patrick’s green, while singing joyful ditties. But no where has she found her magical shamrocks.
  Where might they be?
  No! Not in this old Leprechaun boot either!
  If you happen to find out where her magical shamrocks are, please let her know.
  She won’t be able to rest until they’re found.
  If you do find them, I know that Mini will happily bestow many Irish blessings upon you and your home.  

 Until then, I will send my own emerald green wishes for a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” to you and all you love….

Minnie Clover-001 - Edited.jpg