Rumple Snow

Oh it has gotten so cold outside! Look at poor Rumple Snow and Indigo his little Snow pup! They look very cold, even for Snow Souls.

It seems they are hungry too...I sure hope that some kind Snow Soul passes by and helps them out. Rumple and Indigo have been trying very hard to find their special place to be. But it seems that there just isn’t enough work or places to live in Snow-Blossom’s village these days.

I think I will have to contact Sasha Snow on my Flurry Phone and let her know about these two dear Snow Souls. I’m sure she can help them. She’s great at helping those who are searching for work, a home and anything else they may be in need of. She could mention them to Forest Snow and see if he’s in need of any help with the forest of Snow-Blossom.

When I talked to Rumple he said he used to be a Snow-florist and he had a shop in the village of Frosting, where he sold many of his beautiful floral creations to Snow Souls who were shopping for special gifts.  But hard times fell on the village and many Snow Souls didn’t have the extra funds to buy his beautiful floral pieces, thus, he lost his florist shop.

Maybe Forest has some tree trimming work that needs to be done. Then after Rumple and Indigo finish helping him with this task they could gather up the trimmings and use them to create some beautiful decorative floral designs for Snow Souls to purchase.

Oh! And I could chat with Rozzi Snow to see if she has any bits and pieces of yarn leftover from her Snow Snugly creations...maybe she’d be willing to donate a few colorful strings for Rumple to use in his fabulous works.

I just know that all the wonderful Snow Souls of Snow-Blossom village would love to help. Snow-Blossom doesn’t have a Snow-floris, so Rumple and Indigo would be such an amazing gift to their village.

Don’t you just love it when Snowmanity comes together to help one and other out?

Well I better go get in touch with Sasha Snow...she’ll need time to figure out Rumple and Indigo’s situation, she won’t waste a moment! She’ll have them somewhere safe, happy and busy by the end of this day...I just know it.

If you have any suggestion let me know and I’ll tell Sasha, every little bit of help will make the difference. And thank you for being a caring Snow Soul..Snowmanity thanks you too….


It may be chilly outside, but not for this snow sweet young couple Anthony and Sasha Snow-Lovie. Wherever they go, you’ll find them floating along in the fresh snow, holding each others mittens, snuggling close, keeping each others hearts warm. Ahhh! Young Snow Love!

Some days you can find them strolling the wintery streets of Snow-Blossom’s village. They enjoy exploring all the little shops, finding hidden treasures of snowy times gone by. Anthony is a music and chess enthusiast, so during some of these strolls you’ll see him pop into a shop finding an instrument to play, or challenging another Snow Soul to a snow serious game of chess, while he partakes in a delicious hot peppermint mocha.

Sasha loves her beautiful little wintery village, she is often seen zipping about, chatting with other Snow-Blossom villagers. Sasha has a way of keeping up on the latest news that is happening in Snow-Blossom and if she hears of any poor Snow Soul’s difficulties, she is the first to find a remedy for their needs. Some say she and Anthony are the kindest Snow Souls they know.

Today Anthony and Sasha Snow-Lovie seem to be looking for some new toys for their little Snow Soul Kitties, Greg and Brigette.  

Before they finish up their winter-wonderful excursion they’ll go to their favorite eatery and enjoy a warm bowl of Snow-Squash soup, prepared for them by the ever talented Frosty Moss Cafe team. Then, while leaving the cafe, they’ll capture a yummy cinnamon sugar heart cookie, sharing it on their snowy sleigh ride home.

If you are ever in the village of Snow-Blossoms, stop in and give these two loving Snow Souls a hug. They are always happy to see a Soul’s cheery smile no matter how far or near they’ve come. And don’t forget to snuggle up a hug from Greg and Brigette too!

Forest Snow

Who’s that adorable Snow Soul? Why it’s Forest Snow! It looks as if he’s just emerged from the Snow-Blossom forest.

Riding along, on top of his winter whisking broom is his friendly pet, Birdie Blue. She sings songs with Forest as they work their way through the beautiful trees that grow in the Snow-Blossom forest.

Forest and Birdie Blue are scouting out all the beautiful wintry trees, looking for any issues that may cause the forest to become unhealthy. There are many different types of trees to care for such as the Virginia Pines, which are a beautiful green. Scotch Pines also known as the Scots Pine, having strong branches, making them great for decorating. Then there’s the Blue Spruces with their silver blue branches and wonderfully strong fragrance, some say they’re the perfect Christmas tree because of their shape. The Norway Spruces with their enormous dark green branches growing up to a hundred and eighty feet tall, stands guard in the lush forest, while their cousins the Balsam Firs stand a small size of sixty-six feet. Then last but not least, the Fraser Firs with their yellowish green branches and wonderful pleasant scent, have a reputation for being able to hold very heavy ornaments on their strong branches too. But, of all these amazing trees, the Scotch Pines are Forest favorite. Forest is known as the Great Snow Soul Caretaker of Snow-Blossom’s forest. He and Birdie Blue sweep away harmful conditions, such as branches, pest and snow weight that may damage the trees branches. Forest also helps to lift little forest animals up to safety in the trees with his trusty broom. These tiny forest animals will climb onto the broom and in an instant they’ll find themselves safely back in the comforts of their tree homes.

You may recall that Stephen Snow stopped by not too long ago to help Forest and Birdie Blue plant some fresh new saplings. Forest uses the end of his broom handle to make small holes in the ground, after which he and Stephen planted little sapling into the holes, then with the help of Birdie Blue and her feathery wings fluttering quickly, they covered the saplings delicate roots. After every sapling was planted, Stephen gently placed one of his beautiful double heart ornaments on the fragile tree to remind people to be careful of the new tiny forest friend.

Forest is such a loving Snow Soul that many find being in his company as wonderful as walking through the Snow-Blossom forest itself. Birdie Blue can be a trickster and play jokes on Forest, which always causes Forest to laugh joyfully making his tummy shake happily. He and Birdie Blue are a big part of the Snow Blossom Village family, they are loved by all the Snow Souls who dwell there.  

The village of Snow-Blossom is so very thankful for Forest and his friends, and for all they do. So, today they have given him a new coat and hat to wear while he’s out busily taking care of the beautiful forest. I bet his hat was made by Rozzi Snow, too!

Forest is always happy to make new friends and teach them about the Snow-Blossom forest, so the next time you visit the village of Snow-Blossom take a walk through the woods, stop and chat with Forest…I know you’ll learn so much...after all he did get his Forestry degree from Evergreen College!


Happy New Year! Happy Birthday January Babies!

2019...Wow! A new year and another year older!  

January is the time of year for new beginnings, for seeking out new discoveries to fill up the year ahead and for making new friends to make new memories with. So why not start it off with parties! New Year parties, birthday parties and winter snow parties!

Snow Soul, Januflurry, has brought the perfect snowberry cake to celebrate all these special events. Yes, inside this wonderful moist vanilla cake you’ll find winterberries of every kind, plump and juicy, oozing with blue-violet flavors, turning your tongue a sweet tingling shade of blue. The wonderful fondants wrapping up this winter sponge of a feast, are as follows...bottom cake, toasty coconut. Middle cake, sweet blueberry almond. Top cake, a yummy buttercream!    

Look at how Januflurry balances that cake on top of his looks just like a colorful snow scene hat! Are all those presents wrapped up in beautiful bows for the January Babies?

I can’t wait to celebrate with my friends and family all that this new year holds! Here’s to wishing you all a Happy New Year and Happy January Birthday to all of you wonderful winter souls. It may be cold out, but a Snow Souls heart is as warm as a tropical breeze….