Forest Snow

Who’s that adorable Snow Soul? Why it’s Forest Snow! It looks as if he’s just emerged from the Snow-Blossom forest.

Riding along, on top of his winter whisking broom is his friendly pet, Birdie Blue. She sings songs with Forest as they work their way through the beautiful trees that grow in the Snow-Blossom forest.

Forest and Birdie Blue are scouting out all the beautiful wintry trees, looking for any issues that may cause the forest to become unhealthy. There are many different types of trees to care for such as the Virginia Pines, which are a beautiful green. Scotch Pines also known as the Scots Pine, having strong branches, making them great for decorating. Then there’s the Blue Spruces with their silver blue branches and wonderfully strong fragrance, some say they’re the perfect Christmas tree because of their shape. The Norway Spruces with their enormous dark green branches growing up to a hundred and eighty feet tall, stands guard in the lush forest, while their cousins the Balsam Firs stand a small size of sixty-six feet. Then last but not least, the Fraser Firs with their yellowish green branches and wonderful pleasant scent, have a reputation for being able to hold very heavy ornaments on their strong branches too. But, of all these amazing trees, the Scotch Pines are Forest favorite. Forest is known as the Great Snow Soul Caretaker of Snow-Blossom’s forest. He and Birdie Blue sweep away harmful conditions, such as branches, pest and snow weight that may damage the trees branches. Forest also helps to lift little forest animals up to safety in the trees with his trusty broom. These tiny forest animals will climb onto the broom and in an instant they’ll find themselves safely back in the comforts of their tree homes.

You may recall that Stephen Snow stopped by not too long ago to help Forest and Birdie Blue plant some fresh new saplings. Forest uses the end of his broom handle to make small holes in the ground, after which he and Stephen planted little sapling into the holes, then with the help of Birdie Blue and her feathery wings fluttering quickly, they covered the saplings delicate roots. After every sapling was planted, Stephen gently placed one of his beautiful double heart ornaments on the fragile tree to remind people to be careful of the new tiny forest friend.

Forest is such a loving Snow Soul that many find being in his company as wonderful as walking through the Snow-Blossom forest itself. Birdie Blue can be a trickster and play jokes on Forest, which always causes Forest to laugh joyfully making his tummy shake happily. He and Birdie Blue are a big part of the Snow Blossom Village family, they are loved by all the Snow Souls who dwell there.  

The village of Snow-Blossom is so very thankful for Forest and his friends, and for all they do. So, today they have given him a new coat and hat to wear while he’s out busily taking care of the beautiful forest. I bet his hat was made by Rozzi Snow, too!

Forest is always happy to make new friends and teach them about the Snow-Blossom forest, so the next time you visit the village of Snow-Blossom take a walk through the woods, stop and chat with Forest…I know you’ll learn so much...after all he did get his Forestry degree from Evergreen College!