It may be chilly outside, but not for this snow sweet young couple Anthony and Sasha Snow-Lovie. Wherever they go, you’ll find them floating along in the fresh snow, holding each others mittens, snuggling close, keeping each others hearts warm. Ahhh! Young Snow Love!

Some days you can find them strolling the wintery streets of Snow-Blossom’s village. They enjoy exploring all the little shops, finding hidden treasures of snowy times gone by. Anthony is a music and chess enthusiast, so during some of these strolls you’ll see him pop into a shop finding an instrument to play, or challenging another Snow Soul to a snow serious game of chess, while he partakes in a delicious hot peppermint mocha.

Sasha loves her beautiful little wintery village, she is often seen zipping about, chatting with other Snow-Blossom villagers. Sasha has a way of keeping up on the latest news that is happening in Snow-Blossom and if she hears of any poor Snow Soul’s difficulties, she is the first to find a remedy for their needs. Some say she and Anthony are the kindest Snow Souls they know.

Today Anthony and Sasha Snow-Lovie seem to be looking for some new toys for their little Snow Soul Kitties, Greg and Brigette.  

Before they finish up their winter-wonderful excursion they’ll go to their favorite eatery and enjoy a warm bowl of Snow-Squash soup, prepared for them by the ever talented Frosty Moss Cafe team. Then, while leaving the cafe, they’ll capture a yummy cinnamon sugar heart cookie, sharing it on their snowy sleigh ride home.

If you are ever in the village of Snow-Blossoms, stop in and give these two loving Snow Souls a hug. They are always happy to see a Soul’s cheery smile no matter how far or near they’ve come. And don’t forget to snuggle up a hug from Greg and Brigette too!