October's Party

Yes, it’s that festive time of the year! When the weather changes and brings with it a chill. Squirrels are seen scurrying about with fallen acorns tucked up in their cheeks, looking for a place to hide their winter’s feast. Some of us love this enchanting time of year, some of us not. But one can’t deny the beauty that comes with the chill, October’s painting of the hills, valleys and mountain landscapes. They seem to go from summer’s green into marvelous hues of earthy browns, citrus yellows, deep golds, bright oranges and stunning vibrant reds. Such festive colors shouting at us to prepare for the coming winter, but before it arrives, let us all dance with October’s wind, sweeping us up into whirling piles of leaves and copious amounts of color. Yes, October’s party has arrived...enjoy!